How to use Iden Versio in SWGOH – Abilities, tips, best squads

Today, the Rebellion dies. Iden Versio makes her way to the SWGOH holotables, bringing much-needed leadership to the Empire and the Imperial Troopers. Iden Versio turbocharges the Imperial Troopers faction to new heights, elevating some of the weaker characters in SWGOH. We’ll check out how Iden Versio fits in SWGOH and the best squads to pair her up with in battle.

No other Leader ally bonuses

Most of the Iden Versio character kit revolves around her allies not having Leader abilities. While Iden Versio is effective in an Empire or General Veers Imperial Trooper-led team, she thrives leading a ragtag crew of misfit Imperial Troopers. Here are some of the bonuses she gets to her abilities without any other Leaders as her ally.

  • Her basic ability at max level deals damage three times in one turn if no other Leaders are around. 
  • We Can Grieve Later is a Special ability that gives a unique buff, We Adapt Or Die, for 3 turns to all non-Droid Imperial Trooper allies if no other allies are Leaders. It gives +30% Critical Chance, +30% Offense, and +30 Speed to any ally with the buff.
  • The Iden Versio Leader ability, Exactly as Planned, gives +2% Offense (stacking) for every non-Droid Imperial Trooper ally attacking out of turn if no Leader allies are present. Allies also get Critical Damage Up for 2 turns at the start of the battle and +100% counter chance. If given the Omicron level for Grand Arena, Imperial Troopers also gain 35% Max Health and Max Protection. Imperial Trooper allies also recover 20% Health and Protection and gain 10% Turn Meter whenever an enemy attacks out of turn.
  • First In, Last Out ensures Iden Versio earns 100% Turn Meter at the beginning of the battle if her allies are not leaders and non-Droid Imperial Troopers. She revives with 100% Health and Protection if she is defeated while there is another Imperial Trooper ally active.

Who attacks first?

Iden Versio is among the slowest characters in SWGOH with her base stats alone, but her kit gives her bonuses to speed that can rival Galactic Legends. Iden Versio’s First In, Last Out Unique ability gives Iden Versio 100% turn meter to start off the battle. This Unique ability makes her one of the few characters in SWGOH to guarantee to have the first turn in the game, Wat Tambor and Han Solo being the only other two.

That leaves the question: who attacks first among Iden Versio, Wat Tambor, and Han Solo? Well, Turn Meter takes a back seat to Wat Tambor and Han Solo’s bonus turn at the beginning of each battle. Iden Versio will attack second if she’s up against Han Solo or Wat Tambor for the first turn in the game.

Best squads for Iden Versio

  • Iden Versio (L), Shoretrooper, Colonel Starck, Magmatrooper, Death Trooper
  • Iden Versio (L), Shoretrooper, Magmatrooper, Stormtrooper, Range Trooper
  • General Veers (L), Iden Versio, Admiral Piett, Moff Gideon, Dark Trooper

Iden Versio is a beast even without being farmed to 7-Stars. While she is a luxury team that early game players shouldn’t prioritize, she can be a massive headache for anyone not ready to take down her gang of misfit Imperial Troopers – definitely a must-farm the moment you can spare the Light Side energy.

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