How to use Kyle Katarn in SWGOH – Abilities, tips, best squads

Nothing screams sci-fi quite like a guy with a lightsaber named Kyle. OG Star Wars video game legend, Kyle Katarn, joins the holotables alongside Dash Rendar as Legacy characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. We check out the best Kyle Katarn squads to use in SWGOH.

Character overview

Kyle Katarn’s basic ability deals Physical damage to enemies twice. He’ll inflict Ability Block on his turn, but will attack three times on attacks out of turn. Kyle Katarn’s Special abilities are where his kit gets interesting, as it brings new Unique buffs and a debuff to SWGOH.

  • Force Connection: +2% Defense and Offense (per stack).
  • Force Influence: Can’t assist, counter attack, or gain buffs (raid bosses and Galactic Legends: -30% counter chance).
  • Jedi Knight: Kyle Katarn and Rebel Fighter allies gain 50% Defense and Offense; can’t gain Force Connection. This bonus applies to Jedi allies in Territory Battles.

Just a Guy With a Lightsaber might win for best ability name and animation in SWGOH. It deals Physical damage to the target enemy twice, with damage bonuses based on whether the enemy has the Force Influence debuff, and whether Katarn has the Jedi Knight Buff. Power of the Valley is the second Special ability for Kyle Katarn, inflicting AoE damage and the Force Influence debuff on the target enemy. It dispels all debuffs on Rebel Fighter allies while giving them Critical Chance Up and Potency Up buffs.

Blue Milk Run is his Unique ability. It propels Kyle Katarn among some of the best characters in SWGOH. There’s a lot to unpack, but here are the key points from fully maxing the ability:

  • Kyle Katarn gains 10% Turn Meter for every Rebel Fighter ally at the start of the encounter.
  • Rebel Fighter allies gain 12% Offense (stacking, max 60%) for each attack out of turn until their next turn.
  • Kyle Katarn earns a stack of Force Connection from attacking out of turn (max 10 stacks).
  • 10 stacks of Force Connection gives him the Jedi Knight buff until the end of battle.
  • If the enemy leader is a Sith, Rebel Fighter allies have +50% Defense and Tenacity, and 25% Max Health.
  • Omicron (Territory Battles): Enemies can’t gain bonus Turn Meter and Force Influence can’t be resisted. Kyle Katarn earns an additional stack of Force Connection with every attack out of turn. The Jedi Knight buff will apply to other Jedi allies. At the start of the encounter, all Jedi and Rebel Fight allies gain 75% bonus Protection until the end of the encounter, and Kyle Katarn gains 10% Turn Meter for each other Jedi ally.

Best squads for Kyle Katarn

  • Mon Mothma (L), Kyle Katarn, Cara Dune, Hoth Rebel Scout, Pao.
  • Mon Mothma (L), Kyle Katarn, Pao, Biggs Darklighter, Wedge Antilles.
  • Jedi Knight Revan (L), Kyle Katarn, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Grand Master Yoda, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

Kyle Katarn can rival Galactic Legends teams at full strength and is a must-farm for end-game players. There are a lot of moving pieces in SWGOH right now, so stay tuned for more SWGOH content!

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