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So you have bought yourself an island and upgraded it. Now you have a lot of room for building, and you are not sure what to do. Good! Today we are going to go over why you should place Laborers on your island in Albion Online. Get ready for your mind to be blown!

Laborers 101

Just what are Laborers in Albion Online after all? Laborers are NPCs you place in houses on your island and, while it might seem they don’t do a lot, they actually are a great way to make a steady income.

When I first started, I did not know much about Laborers. Apparently not many other players knew either, or at least they weren’t sharing any tips on using them, so it’s not surprising how fast I gave up on using them. Luckily for me, I met someone who had actually put some effort into learning about Laborers mechanics in Albion Online, and they shared all their knowledge with me.

Laborers can be put to work in different areas, such as refining or selling resources. The trick here is to set up the Laborers to fit your specific needs right from the start. Please be aware that Laborers in Albion Online make a profit in the long term, and not immediately.

Getting the Laborers set up

All Laborers demand a house, so in order to make a profit from them, you need to build them a house first. You can build houses at Island level 2, but my advice is to only set up Laborers when your house or houses are tier 5.

Why? Tier 5 houses allow you to place 3 Laborers in them, which is the maximum number you can have per house. Also, if you put the Laborers to work at tier 4 and then upgrade the house to tier 5, the furniture inside will now be in awkward positions and you will have to reposition everything, whereas houses in tier 5 already have the maximum house footprint.

Last but not least, if you build and upgrade houses to tier 5 right away, you will not have to pay any additional expenses for lower-tier trophies and furniture.

Types of Laborers

Once you’ve set up the house to tier 5 or any tier you wish, it is time to select the type of Laborer you want working for you. Be sure to choose Laborers that work towards the same goal as you. Otherwise, filling out journals will be a pain.

Now, you should know that whichever type you choose, it is important that you fill the house with the maximum number of Laborers possible.

As for the types of Laborers, take into consideration the following:

Why you should place Laborers on your island | Albion Online

To get Laborers working, you will need to fill in journals. There are specific journals for each type, such as a fishing journal for the Fisherman, but all Laborers accept generalist journals as well.

Hiring Laborers

Let’s use a practical case: mine. Right now, my focus is gathering, more specifically fishing. That said, it makes sense to hire Fishermen. In order to hire these Laborers, I had to head to the house’s board right outside the door, and hire the three Laborers I wanted, one at a time.

With that done, all I had to do was wait 30 minutes for the Laborers to get settled in in their new house. In the meantime, I went out to buy fishing journals as well as generalist journals, and filled them up. Once the Laborers were all settled in, I went over to speak to them, giving each a journal.

Keeping your laborers happy

A happy Laborer is a productive Laborer, the same as in real life. What is the Laborer’s happiness based on in Albion Online? Well, in order to keep laborers happy, you need to have enough beds, tables, and trophies inside the house. That’s right, these NPCs are made happy by material things. Happiness doesn’t happen immediately; it takes a total of 10 hours for your Laborers to reach the happiness peak.

Keeping them happy should be a priority, and you can do that in so many ways. First, ensure there are enough beds. Second, get profession-specific trophies for that house. If a house is full of Fishermen, get fishing trophies. Note, that if you give your Laborers profession-specific trophy journals, they will bring back trophies.

Why you should place Laborers on your island | Albion Online


Filling up journals is done through Fame. If you buy a tier 2 fishing journal, then you need 300 Fame acquired while fishing. A tier 3 fishing journal requires 600 Fame acquired while fishing, and so on; it doubles with each tier until you reach tier 8. I always keep stocked up on both profession-specific journals and generalist journals.

Once your Laborers reach tier 5, you will begin to receive the resources they specialize in.

There is so much you can do with your Laborers in Albion Online, and they create a steady income for you. My advice is to start slow, upgrade your island to the max level, and consistently fill journals.

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