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How to use Leon Kennedy’s perks in Dead by Daylight

Leon Kennedy is one of the new Survivors coming to Dead by Daylight in the Resident Evil chapter. He is bringing three new Survivor perks into the game. Let’s see how they work and what you can do with them.

Bite the Bullet

Leon Kennedy’s first unique perk is Bite the Bullet, and the teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 30. Here is how it works:

“You make no noise, including grunts of pain, when healing. There is no noise notification on failed healing skill checks, and healing regresses by only 3/2/1%.”

Bite the Bullet is like Technician but for healing. It is a great perk for new Survivors who are still getting used to skill checks, since failing a healing Skill Check can often lead to being sacrificed on the hook for new players.

Bite the Bullet has uses for experienced players as well. Being able to heal silently is huge, as healing is very loud by default. By being silent you can avoid detection from the Killer if you are unable to get far away from them. Any players who prefer stealthy playstyles can use Bite the Bullet to remain hidden. With this perk, a Survivor can remain hidden while healing – unless the Killer has A Nurse’s Calling.

Bite-the-bullet leon kennedy dead by daylight

Flash Bang

Leon Kennedy’s second unique perk is Flash Bang, and the teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 35. Here is how it works:

After completing 70/60/50% progress on any generator, Flash Bang activates. Enter a locker while empty-handed and press the ability button to craft a flash grenade. It has one charge, detonates with a loud noise and flashing light, creates a noise notification, and can be used to distract or blind. You leave the flash grenade behind when escaping the trial.

As you can tell from the description, this perk is going to be quite popular with Survivors. Flash Bang acts similarly to firecrackers in how it activates. When you drop the flash grenade, a few seconds later it explodes and blinds anyone around it. This makes it harder for Killers to avoid the blind.

flash-bang leon kennedy

Flash Bang can be used to blind the Killer, and force them to drop a Survivor they are carrying. If timed correctly, there will be nothing the Killer can do to avoid the blind from a flash grenade when picking up a Survivor. The Killer’s only hope is that the Survivor they are picking up is next to a wall or tree to hide from the blind.

This perk will be popular with experienced Survivors, and survive with friends groups. Flash Bang has potential to become one of the meta Survivor perks. Depending on its usage, a lot of Killers may start running Lightborn to deal with Flash Bang.

Rookie Spirit

Leon Kennedy’s third unique perk is Rookie Spirit, and the teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 40. Here is how it works:

Complete 5/4/3 good or great skill checks while repairing generators to activate Rookie Spirit for the remainder of the trial. Once active, you can see the aura of regressing generators.

Rookie Spirit is a nice perk to see because currently Survivors only know a generator is regressing when they see it. This perk not only shows you the generators that are regressing across the map, but gives you information on where the Killer is. So you know which areas to avoid and where you can work on a generator safely.


I like that Behaviour is adding perks to cover all situations. Killers already have a perk that shows them when a generator they kicked stopped regressing, so it makes sense for Survivors to have a perk to see when a generator starts regressing. I do not expect to see Rookie Spirit widely used, as it is overshadowed by stronger perks, but it is a useful choice if you have few perks to choose from, or if you are new to the game.

If you want to see Leon Kennedy’s perks in action, check out my video below.

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There are Leon Kennedy’s three unique perks coming to Dead by Daylight in the Resident Evil chapter. If you want to check out Jill Valentine’s perks, I have an article on her. Or if you want to learn about Nemesis, I have an article on his power and his perks.

I hope my article helped you out, and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides.

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