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How to use Madelyne Pryor in Marvel Strike Force – Abilities, best team

In Mister Sinister’s quest to create the most powerful mutant, he made a clone of Jean Grey. Implanted with false memories, this clone became known as Madelyne Pryor, a fighter harnessing the powers of telekinesis and telepathy. Here is everything you need to know about Madelyne Pryor in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Basic – Psionic Smite

  • Attack primary target for 300% damage + flip 1 positive effect.
  • On War Defense, flip 3 additional positive effects on the primary target.

Special – Hellfire Vortex

  • Attack all enemies for 300% damage + apply Defense Down for 2 turns.
  • If Cyclops, Phoenix, or Dark Phoenix is an enemy, Bonus Attack all enemies for 300% damage.
  • Apply Offense Down for 2 turns to all Brawler and Blaster enemies.
  • Apply Disrupted for 2 turns to all Protector and Controller enemies.
  • Apply Ability Block for 2 turns to all Support enemies.
  • This attack cannot be counterattacked.
  • On War Defense: This attack is unavoidable
  • On War Defense: Apply Ability Block to all enemy Protectors

Ultimate – Brimstone Meteor

  • Attack primary target for 600% damage + prolong the duration of all negative effects by 1.
  • On War Defense: This attack targets the most injured non-summoned enemy. This attack can target Dark Phoenix.
  • On War Defense: On Kill, generate 2 Ability Energy for a random Mister Sinister ally.
  • On War Defense: This attack cannot be blocked.

Passive – Goblin Queen

  • When an enemy attacks any Emma Frost, Marauder, or Cloned ally below 50% Health, Mind Control the ally with the highest Damage to attack that enemy.  The controlled character gains +30% Damage for this attack.
  • Gain +20% Focus. Marauder allies gain +20% Focus.
  • Gain +20% Damage. Marauder allies gain +20% Damage.
  • Gain +50% chance to assist on non-attack abilities.
  • On War Defense: Gain +50% Resistance per enemy Brawler
  • On War Defense: Lower Crit Chance by 50% for all Mutant enemies.
  • On War Defense: On Spawn, fill Speed Bay by 30% for a random Stryfe ally.

Madelyne Pryor is a controller with strong Damage and Focus. Her abilities hit hard while being extra effective against Support and Controller characters. When fighting against Cyclops and Phoenix, she gets to attack an additional time when using Hellfire Vortex. Madelyne is also capable of flipping positive effects, applying Defense Down, and prolonging negative effects.

Best team for Madelyne Pryor in Marvel Strike Force

Your optimal line-up is Madelyne Pryor + Stryfe + Mister Sinister + Emma Frost + Mystique.

Madelyne Pryor effectively replaces Sabretooth, bringing additional damage and countering her Mutant enemies. The Goblin Queen Passive bolsters her Marauder allies and introduces an ally mind-control mechanic. The team is built for War Defense, where Madelyne can get extra bonuses such as extra Resistance and reduced Crit Chance.

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