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How to use Magik in Marvel Strike Force – Abilities, tips, best team

Magik has joined the X-Men in Marvel Strike Force. Manifesting the Soulsword and using her teleportation abilities, Magik deals high damage while supporting her fellow Uncanny X-Men allies. Here is everything you need to know about Magik in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Unlike most supports in Marvel Strike Force, Magik deals high damage and is an aggressive option. Her abilities deal high damage while also providing Charged to her Uncanny X-Men teammates. They also clear positive effects from enemies and provide barriers to her X-Men allies.

Basic – Soulsword Strike

  • Attack primary & adjacent targets for 230% Piercing damage.
  • Clear up to two positive effects from the primary target.

Special – Demonic Might

  • Attack all enemies for 300% Piercing damage + flip Immunity.
  • Reduce Speed Bar of the primary target by 30%.
  • Apply 10 Charged to self and all Chargeable Uncanny X-Men allies.
  • Cannot be counterattacked.

Ultimate – Limbo Strike

  • Barrier self and all X-Men allies for 20% of Magik’s max health.
  • Clear Disrupted and Ability Block from self and all X-Men allies.
  • Attack primary target for 450% damage + Drain 25%.

Magik’s Passive is Darkchild. On spawn, Magik will Barrier herself for 30% of her max health. Anytime an X-Men ally is attacked, she gains two Charged stacks, or three stacks if the ally is Colossus or Kitty Pryde. Upon reaching 20 Charged stacks, Magik will attack the enemy with the highest damage for 500% damage.

Darkchild also grants Magik and her X-Men allies +20% Drain. Additionally, she gives herself and Uncanny X-Men allies +30% Armor. These both help with her team’s survivability.

Best team for Magik in Marvel Strike Force

With the traits of Hero, Cosmic, Mutant, and Uncanny X-Men, there are a lot of characters that Magik synergizes with in Marvel Strike Force. However, the best team she can be paired with is one comprised of Uncanny X-Men: Storm, Cyclops, Phoenix & Colossus.

With the recent changes to Cyclops and Storm, Magik helps them gain Charged to boost the damage of their Ultimate abilities. When paired with her brother Colossus, Magik will instead gain Charged which can unleash a high damage attack. Her Darkchild passive allows her to summon Dark Phoenix once per match. This makes her a great counter to characters like Kestrel who can block Phoenix from reviving.

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