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How to use Morgan Le Fay in Marvel Strike Force – Abilities, best team

Morgan Le Fey is the Pestilence Horseman of Apocalypse, the first of four that will soon be in Marvel Strike Force. Hailing from the times of Arthurian legends, she is a sorceress of fairy descent. Here is everything you need to know about Morgan Le Fay in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Basic – Soul Siphon

  • Attack primary target for 350% damage + copy and clear 2 positive effects, excluding Taunt.
  • On Crit, instead, copy and clear all positive effects, excluding Taunt.
  • Steal 10% Health from the primary target and redistribute to self.

Special – Time Warp

  • Reduce Speed Bar for self, all allies, and all enemies by 100%.
  • Clear all positive effects from all enemies.
  • Clear all negative effects from self.
  • Heal self for 100% of this character’s Max Health.
  • Deal 10% of this character’s Max Health, as damage, to all enemies.
  • Apply Speed Up for 2 turns and Immunity to self and all Darkhold allies.
  • This attack is unavoidable.

Ultimate – Reality Break

  • Clear Immunity from the primary target.
  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for 325% Piercing.
  • This attack has 50% Extra Crit Chance.
  • Apply Disrupted and Slow to the primary target.
  • Spread all negative effects from the primary target to all adjacent targets. This will not spread Stun or Ability Block.
  • Apply Trauma and Ability Block to all Controller enemies.
  • Flip 2 positive effects into negative effects on all non-Controller enemies.
  • Reduce Speed Bar of all enemies that do not have any negative effects by 30%.
  • This attack cannot be dodged.

Passive – Fae Queen

  • On Spawn: Barrier self for 20% of this character’s Max Health
  • On Spawn: Apply Safeguard for 2 turns to self and all Darkhold allies
  • On Spawn: Fill Speed Bar by 5% per Mystic enemy, up to a max of 20%.
  • On enemy Turn, fill Speed Bar by 10% for self and all Darkhold allies.
  • Lower the Assist Chance for all enemies by 25% per Darkhold ally, up to a max of 100%.
  • Gain +50% Max Health. Darkhold allies gain +50% Max Health.
  • Gain +100% Resistance. Darkhold allies gain +100% Resistance.
  • In Arena, Gain +30% Max Barrier. In Arena, Darkhold allies gain +30% Max Barrier.

As a Controller, Morgan Le Fay augments the battlefield by flipping effects. She can also fill her Speed Bar, allowing her to gain the upper hand by attacking first. Her Basic and Special abilities provide Morgan Le Fay with strong self-sustain. These attacks also hit hard, making her truly fitting of the Legendary status.

Best team for Morgan Le Fay in Marvel Strike Force

Your optimal line-up is Morgan Le Fay + Scarlet Witch + Wong + Agatha Harkness + Heartless Doctor Strange.

Morgan Le Fay rounds out the Darkhold team, bringing with her added utility for her fellow members. She gives them additional Resistance and Health, making them tankier and able to withstand hard-hitting attacks. The Darkhold team is built for Arena, where Morgan Le Fay can provide additional barriers.

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