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How to use Spider-Woman in Marvel Strike Force – Abilities, best team

Spider-Woman was originally a bounty hunter for Hydra, later joining the Avengers. Combing spider-like abilities with electromagnetic blasts, she has taken on the likes of Hobgoblin and the Skrull. Unlike Spider-Man, who uses webs to swing around the city, Spider-Woman glides using the web-wings on her suit. Here is everything you need to know about Spider-Woman in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Basic – Swift Strikes

  • Attack primary target for 260% damage + apply Defense Down for 2 turns.
  • Chain to 2 adjacent targets for 210% damage + apply Defense Down.
  • This attack cannot be counterattacked or blocked.

Special – Gliding Assault

  • Attack primary target for 350% damage + apply Ability Block for 1 turn, Heal Block for 2 turns, and Offense Down for 2 turns.
  • Chain to 4 adjacent targets for 350% damage + apply Heal Block for 2 turns and Offense Down for 2 turns.
  • Gain +100% Extra Focus for this attack.
  • This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be blocked.
  • On War Offense: Gain +50% damage per A-Force ally.
  • On War Offense: This attack cannot be counterattacked.

Ultimate – Venom Blast

  • Attack primary target for 360% damage + 50% additional damage per negative effect on the primary target.
  • Flip 2 positive effects to negative effects on primary target + extend the duration of all negative effects by 1.
  • This attack cannot be dodged.
  • On War Offense, this attack cannot be blocked.

Passive – Pheromone Fighter

  • On Spawn, apply Defense Up for 2 turns to self and all A-Force allies.
  • On Turn, heal for 20% of this character’s Max Health.
  • Gain +25% Focus per A-Force ally.
  • Gain +10% Max Health. A-Force allies gain +10% Max Health
  • On War Offense: On Spawn, if this character has 3 or more A-Force allies, apply Offense Down for 2 turns to all enemies.
  • On War Offense: Gain +10,000% Resistance against Offense Down
  • On War Offense: A-Force allies gain +10,000% Resistance against Offense Down
  • On War Offense: If this character has 3 or more A-Force allies and above 30% Health, lower Accuracy by 25% for all enemies with Offense Down.

Spider-Woman combines both high speed and high damage to rapidly strike at her foes. Her basic ability Swift Strikes cannot be blocked or counterattacked, allowing her to apply Defense Down. Spider-Woman also heals for 20% of her Max Health on her Turn. This gives her great sustain, especially when paired with a Support.

Best team for Spider-Woman in Marvel Strike Force

Your optimal line-up is Spider-Woman + Nico Minoru + Captain Marvel + Jessica Jones.

When combined with her fellow A-Force members, Spider-Woman gets extra stat boosts while also boosting the stats of her allies. This additional Health and Focus makes her an even deadlier foe. This team is meant for War Offense, where they can take down some of the top defensive teams.

The A-Force team is currently only made up of four members, although developer Scopely has hinted that another member could come later on.

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