How to use the Artist’s perks in Dead by Daylight

A new Killer named the Artist is coming to Dead by Daylight in the Portrait of Murder chapter. She has three unique perks and a complex power, which I go over in a separate guide. In this article, I will be focusing on her unique perks, and how you can use them.    

Grim Embrace

The Artist’s first unique perk is Grim Embrace, and the teachable version appears on her Bloodweb at level 30. Here is how it works:

Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, you gain a token. Upon reaching 4 tokens Grim Embrace activates. The Entity blocks all generators for 20/25/30 seconds. The Obsession’s aura is revealed to you for 4 seconds. 

Grim Embrace is a nice perk that can make the game easier for Killers. Since Grim Embrace activates off hooking, it rewards Killers for having good pressure. Having the ability to stop all generators can allow the Killer to reapply pressure if they start falling behind.


This perk would pair well with BBQ and Chili, because you could see the auras of Survivors on generators before they get blocked. Grim Embrace can also be paired with other generator delay perks to help keep up the pressure.

One perk that may pair well with Grim Embrace is Hex: Ruin. While the generator is blocked by the Entity it will not lose progress for any reason. The value from Hex: Ruin comes when the Entity goes away because Hex: Ruin would then take effect. If the Survivors do not stay near the generators they were working on, then all their progress will start going away.   

It will take some time to see how useful Grim Embrace will be. The 30-second block time does not sound very long. All Survivors have to do is hide, and if you cannot find any Survivors in that time then Grim Embrace’s effect would have been wasted.   

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

The Artist’s second unique perk in Dead by Daylight is Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, and the teachable version appears on her Bloodweb at level 35. Here is how it works: 

“At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white. Any time a Survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, the generator with the most progress explodes, instantly losing 9/12/15% progress and will start to regress. Survivors repairing the generator will scream, revealing their location.” 

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance sounds quite strong, as long as you can always use it to its fullest. This perk really helps the Killer maintain pressure in a game, since you will know where to go immediately after hooking a Survivor, and 15% regression is a lot of lost progress.


Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance will pair extremely well with Pop Goes the Weasel. Most of the time Survivors will start working on their generator right after it explodes. In fact, Survivors will probably stay on the generator until you go over there and scare them off, so you will almost always be able to use Pop Goes the Weasel on that generator. Other strong generator perks you can use are Hex: Ruin, and Grim Embrace. 

Generator perks are not the only ones that combo with Scouge Hook: Pain Resonance. The hooking perks Agitation and Iron Grasp are incredibly helpful with this perk. Using both Agitation and Iron Grasp will always allow you to reach a Scourge Hook, but running both can be a bit overkill. I highly recommend Agitation over Iron Grasp, because Agitation minimizes the amount of time you waste hooking a Survivor. If you would rather play safe, then running both is perfectly fine.

Hex: Pentimento

Her final unique perk is Hex: Pentimento, and the teachable version appears on her Bloodweb at level 40. Here is how it works: 

You see the aura of destroyed Totems. You can perform a ritual on a destroyed Totem to resurrect it as a Rekindled Totem. The more Rekindled Totems that exist, the greater their effects. When a Rekindled Totem is removed, its remains are consumed by the Entity. 

  • 1 Rekindled Totem: Reduces Survivors’ repair speed by 30% 
  • 2 Rekindled Totems: Reduces Survivors’ healing speed by 30% 
  • 3 Rekindled Totems: Reduces Survivors’ recovery speed from being downed by 30% 
  • 4 Rekindled Totems: Reduces Survivors’ exit gate opening speed by 30% 
  • 5 Rekindled Totems: All Totems are blocked by the Entity 

This perk gives Killers a counter to Survivors destroying all the totems. The speed penalties from this perk sound really good, especially if stacked with other slowdown perks like Thanatophobia. However, being able to use these Rekindled Totems in-game will depend on Survivors cleansing your totems.


The generator speed reduction is the most valuable part of Hex: Pentimento, and luckily you only need to Rekindle one totem to gain that effect. I can see this perk being combined with other generator perks to slow down a game.  

Hex: Pentimento is a high-risk, high-reward kind of perk. If you can get all five Rekindled Totems up you can keep all of their effects. However, the chances of that happening are quite low because Survivors will try to destroy your totems. An unexpected plus of this is that Survivors will waste time searching and cleansing totems, which allows you more time to sacrifice them to the Entity.

There you have the Artist’s three unique perks in Dead by Daylight. These perks definitely have good uses, and I can see many players trying them out. If you want to check out the new Survivor, Jonah Vasquez, I have a guide on his unique perks as well.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!

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