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How to use the Dredge’s perks in Dead by Daylight!

The newest Killer, the Dredge is bringing three new perks to Dead by Daylight in the Roots of Dread chapter. Let’s take a look at how each perk works, and how Killers can utilize them to sacrifice Survivors. 

Darkness Revealed  

The Dredge’s first unique perk is Darkness Revealed, here is how it works: 

When you search a locker, the auras of all Survivors within 8 meters of any lockers are revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds. This perk has a 30-second cooldown. 

Darkness Revealed is a perk that clearly comes from the dark powers of the Dredge. However, this perk will not help a lot unless you constantly check empty lockers. This is a huge time waster for most Killers, unless you are the Huntress or Trickster. These two Killers normally check lockers because that is how they reload their ammo for their powers. With Darkness Revealed you could see the aura of a Survivor right after reloading, and maybe land a surprise hatchet or dagger hit.


One perk that will go great with Darkness Revealed is Iron Maiden. What Iron Maiden does is allow you to check lockers faster than normal. This allows you to gain value from Darkness Revealed faster than you normally could. It remains to be seen if the aura reading from Darkness Revealed will provide any value, since an 8-meter range is quite small. But a lot of maps do have lockers next to generators, so if you get lucky on the map generation it could provide a lot of value. 


The Dredge’s second unique perk is Dissolution, here is how it works: 

3 seconds after injuring a Survivor by any means, Dissolution activates for 12/16/20 seconds. While Dissolution is active, if a Survivor fast vaults over a pallet inside of your Terror Radius, the Entity will break the pallet at the end of the vault, and Dissolution deactivates. 

Dissolution looks like it will be a game changer for Killers. This is the first time Killers are getting a perk that can destroy pallets for them, without having to interact with the pallet. Dissolution also destroys pallets much faster than Brutal Strength or any Killer power. With Dissolution there would be no slow down during the chase. It will be a great perk to run for builds focused on helping you in a chase. Dissolution can pair well with Bamboozle, Enduring, and Spirit Fury but can also be used in any build. 

During chases Survivors commonly get injured right before throwing a pallet, or vaulting a pallet. When this happens the Survivor will loop the same pallet until the Killer breaks it. With Dissolution however, the Survivor will break the very thing keeping them safe in the loop, and then the Killer will easily catch up.


Another advantage of Dissolution is it forces Survivors to change their thinking during a chase, and make them more likely to making mistakes. When Dissolution is active, Survivors are notified by seeing Dissolution next to their other perks. As soon as a Survivor sees that Dissolution is active, they will try to rethink their route or avoid dropped pallets. This slight hesitation can allow the Killer to get the upper hand and win the chase.  

Dissolution is not specific to the Survivor you are chasing. If you somehow lost the Survivor, and find a different one, then Dissolution can help catch that Survivor off guard. Dissolution will be really powerful if the Survivors group up, where you could get chain uses of Dissolution if you injure the Survivors correctly. 

Septic Touch 

The Dredge’s final perk is Septic Touch, here is how it works.  

“Whenever a Survivor performs the healing action within your Terror Radius, that Survivor suffers from Blindness and Exhausted. These effects linger for 6/8/10 seconds after a healing action is interrupted by any means.” 

Septic Touch has potential to be a counter to Dead Hard, and other Exhaustion perks, but only if the Survivor your chasing has Self-Care or a Med-kit. It is common for Survivors to heal throughout a chase, and being able to apply Exhausted to the Survivor is a strong ability to have. When you know the Survivor is Exhausted, you do not have to worry about holding back because they might use Dead Hard. Septic Touch can allow you to significantly cut down chase time if the Survivor is foolish enough to heal. 

This perk will also have a lot of value when you walk into a group of Survivors healing. It will be perfect because none of them can use their Exhaustion perks unless they wait 10 seconds without running. Septic Touch will be tough for Survivors to avoid because it triggers the second the Survivors are in the Killer’s Terror Radius, even if you are on the very edge with barely any Terror Radius music playing. The only counter for Survivors is to stop healing when Septic Touch activates, and avoid being seen by the Killer. 


Distressing is a perk that will synergize perfectly with Septic Touch, since Distressing increases the size of the Killer’s Terror Radius. Other good perks will be ones that can slow down healing such as Sloppy Butcher, Coulrophobia, and anything that can apply the Hemorrhage or Mangled status effects.  

There are the Dredge’s three unique perks coming soon to Dead by Daylight. If you want to know more about the Dredge’s power, I have prepared a guide about that. If you are interested in the new Survivor Haddie Kaur, I have prepared a separate guide for her perks. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides. 

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