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How to use the Dredge’s power in Dead by Daylight

The Dredge is the newest Killer coming to Dead by Daylight in the Roots of Dread chapter. This monstrous Killer is the embodiment of darkness. Let’s take a look at how the Dredge hunts down Survivors, and what perks to use with its power. 

Reign of Darkness 

The Dredge’s power is called Reign of Darkness and gives the Dredge two special abilities. The first ability is called the Gloaming. You can press and hold the power button to activate Gloaming. Once activates the Dredge leaves a Remnant behind. Then aim at a locker and press the Ability button to Teleport into it, or press the Attack button to return to the Remnant. The Remnant is disabled when teleporting to a locker, or when a Survivor touches it. 

When the Dredge first teleports to a locker, the doors will rattle as the monster moves in. If the Dredge  stays in the locker for a while, then an eerie particle effect appears around the sides of the locker. When Survivors get close to the locker they will also hear some nightmarish noises.   

While in a locker, aim at any other locker and press the Ability button to Teleport again. Each Teleport consumes a Power Token, and the Dredge has 3 Power Tokens. While in the locker the Dredge can see the surrounding area to scout for Survivors. Exiting the locker or returning to your Remnant will activate the Gloaming’s cooldown, after which all Power Tokens are recharged.


Survivors can place locks on lockers to slow the Dredge exiting them. The Dredge can break locks by exiting the locked locker or performing a base attack on the lock. Each locker can only be locked once. If a Survivor tries to enter a locker the Dredge is occupying, the Dredge leaps out and immediately picks them up to hook them. 

The second part of the Dredge’s power is Nightfall. The Nightfall Meter builds when a healthy Survivor is injured, a Survivor is hooked, or the Teleport power is used. The Nightmare Meter also fills faster for each Survivor in the injured state. Once the Nightfall Meter is full, Nightfall begins. 

During Nightfall, Survivors must navigate in near total darkness. The Dredge and all Survivors will also gain a white aura effect making all players easy to find in the darkness. Along with this, the Dredge’s teleport is faster with a shorter cooldown, and the Dredge has the Undetectable status effect which hides its Red Stain and Terror Radius. Additionally, when the Dredge teleports to a Locker, any nearby Survivors will be revealed with the Killer Instinct effect. 


Players can tell when Nightfall is about to start, and when it will end, by looking at the Survivor’s profiles. There will be this circle that slowly forms around their profile pictures, when it is a full circle Nightfall will start. Then when the circle is completely gone, Nightfall will end. Nightfall lasts 60 seconds, and its time can be reduced by Survivors who destroy the Drudge’s Remnant. 

How to use Reign of Darkness 

The Dredge’s power allows it to travel across the map nearly instantly, giving this Killer potential to have amazing map pressure. This power also has some opportunities for mind games, however executing the mind game will take practice. For example, the Dredge could activate its power around a loop while chasing the Survivor. Then, right before the Survivor touches the Remnant, the Dredge can teleport back for a free hit. Doing this will be tough though, since if you do not time it just right the Survivor will destroy your Remnant. 

The Dredge can also use its power to surprise Survivors during a chase. There are many loops that have lockers within them. So timing a locker teleport correctly can allow the Dredge to appear in front of the Survivor, and get a free hit.

As for the second part of the Dredge’s power, it requires no management. Nightfall is a passive ability, which the Dredge can speed up by properly applying pressure during a match. While Nightfall is active you should take advantage of the decreased vision Survivors have, and the Undetectable status effect. If you suspect Survivors are grouped in an area, teleport to a nearby locker and let the Killer Instinct effect reveal them. 

There is a weakness to the Dredge’s power, it has limited use during a chase. So players using the Dredge need to be careful to not chase one Survivor for too long in areas with no lockers. The Dredge is meant to catch Survivors off guard to take them down.


What Perks to use 

Any perks that can reveal the locations of Survivors will be useful for the Dredge. If he knows where someone is, he can instantly teleport to their general area. Some Perks that reveal Survivor locations are BBQ and Chili, Tinkerer, Deathbound, Lethal Pursuer, and Dark Sense to name a few. 

Perks that help slow down generators will also be great on the Dredge, especially ones that allow him to take advantage of his teleporting power. For example, Pop Goes the Weasel and BBQ and Chili make a great combo. After hooking a Survivor, you will see which generators Survivors are working on with BBQ and Chili. Then you can teleport to that generator and utilize Pop Goes the Weasel. Other great generator perks are Hex: Ruin, and Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance. 

I mentioned previously that the Dredge’s power leaves him weak to long chases. So any perks that can help the Dredge cut down on chase time are also valuable. His unique perk Dissolution can help get rid of annoying pallets during a chase. Or you can use Spirit Fury and Enduring to catch Survivors off guard after breaking 2 pallets. To lock down window loops you can use Bamboozle or Hex: Crowd Control.


The final perk I want to recommend is Save the Best for Last, a perk that excels on all Killers whose Killer powers do not deal damage. This perk rewards you for keeping pressure on Survivors and continuously injuring them. When you get high stacks, the reduced cooldown on your attacks will catch Survivors off guard. Save the Best for Last allows you to react to a lot of situations where you normally would not be able to do anything.  

That is the Dredge’s power explained in Dead by Daylight. If you want to take a look at how all the Dredge’s unique perks work, I have prepared a separate perk guide. Or if you are interested in the new Survivor, Haddie, I have prepared a guide on her perks as well. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides. 

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