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How to use the Onryo’s perks in Dead by Daylight

The Onryo – aka Sadako from the famous Ringu franchise – has been released as the newest Killer in Dead by Daylight, bringing in a new power and perks that Survivors must face. In this guide, I will explain the Onryo’s three unique perks, and how you can use them effectively in Dead by Daylight.

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage 

The Onryo’s first perk is Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage, and here is how it works:  

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge hooks. You see their auras in white. When a Survivor is unhooked from a Scourge hook, all other Survivors have their auras revealed for 5/6/7 seconds.” 

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage looks to be an interesting perk that could be an alternative to BBQ & Chili. However, the major downside is that you do not get the aura reading until the Survivor is unhooked. With BBQ and Chili you see Survivor auras as soon as you hook, and then can go to the remaining Survivors to keep up the pressure. But with Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage you have to guess where the Survivors are, and hope the aura reading you get will help secure a down. 

That being said, this perk could pair well with BBQ & Chili. You can use BBQ & Chili to initiate a chase with your next Survivor. Then by the time you down the Survivor you found, the other Survivor will be saved, giving you information about where the Survivors are.

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage has the same problem the other Scourge Hook perks have. You can get bad RNG on big maps, and have no Scourge Hooks on one side of the map. It is beneficial to run Iron Grasp or Agitation, which will allow you to secure the Scourge Hook.


Call of Brine  

The Onryo’s second unique perk is Call of Brine, and here is how it works: 

After damaging a generator this perk becomes active for 60 seconds. The generator regresses at 150/175/200% of the normal regression speed and its aura is revealed to you. Each time a Survivor completes a good Skill Check on a generator affected by this perk you receive a loud noise notification. 

Call of the Brine has potential as a standalone perk, but can also be combined with existing generator perks. It could be especially hindering for Survivors if combined with Pop Goes the Weasel. Those two perks alone could help you maintain pressure on generators throughout the game. Plus Call of the Brine can tell you where Survivors are if they happen to hit a Good Skill Check.  

Tinkerer will also be a good pick to run with Call of the Brine on mobile Killers. This would allow you to greatly hinder progress on a nearly-complete generator. Another perk to consider is Brutal Strength as it allows you to kick generators faster.


Merciless Storm 

The Onryo’s third unique perk is Merciless Storm. Here is how it works:  

When a generator reaches 90% progress, Survivors working on the generator will be faced with continuous Skill Checks. If they miss or stop repairing, the generator is blocked for 16/18/20 seconds. Merciless Storm can only trigger once per generator per trial. 

Surprisingly we got two new generator control perks with the Onryo, which will give Killers more flexibility on slowing down generators. However, Merciless Storm seems weaker overall so far compared to Call of Brine. The first downside to Merciless Storm is that it is a Skill Check perk. So it is possible to get no use from Merciless Storm if you are against experienced Survivors that have no problem hitting Great Skill Checks. Merciless Storm can excel when multiple Survivors are on a generator since it is less likely for all of them to be good at hitting Skill Checks.  

Another disadvantage to Merciless Storm is that it can only activate once per generator. It is also possible for Merciless Storm to activate while you are engaged in a chase and cannot take advantage of the perk. Then the Survivor will just find another generator to work on during those 20 seconds. This limitation makes it less useful than perks that are active the entire game.   

One perk that can go well with Merciless Storm is Hex: Ruin. While the generator will not regress while blocked, as soon as it unblocks Hex: Ruin will take effect. Since the generator is blocked for 20 seconds it is unlikely the Survivors stuck around, and so Hex: Ruin can do its work.


Those are the Onryo’s three unique perks in Dead by Daylight. If you want to learn about her power, I already have a guide on that very subject. As for the new Survivor Yoichi Asakawa, I have prepared a guide on his perks as well.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides.

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