How to use the Spirit Box in Phasmophobia

Is this mic on?

The Spirit Box is a piece of evidence and tool players use to determine what ghosts they’re up against in a game of Phasmophobia. Not all ghosts are chatterboxes, so don’t expect to get a response on the Spirit Box every game. We check out how to get the Spirit Box evidence in Phasmophobia.

What ghost types answer to the Spirit Box

  • Demon
  • Jinn
  • Mare
  • Oni
  • Poltergeist
  • Spirit
  • Wraith

The Spirit Box is the most common piece of evidence that a ghost will interact with. Make sure to use this tool every game, as 7 ghost types answer to the Spirit Box.

How to use the Spirit Box

Spirit Box is a simple tool to use, but it’s not always reactive. You can be in the ghost room, but the ghost might not answer to the Spirit Box because it’s not the right ghost type, or you don’t have the right conditions met. While chatting with the ghost is the last thing most players want to do, the Spirit Box in Phasmophobia is an essential tool.

When you’re using the Spirit Box, make sure to:

  • Be in the same room as the ghost (ghost room or frequently visited rooms adjacent to the ghost room)
  • Keep the lights off
  • Have the Spirit Box turned on
  • Ask the right questions
  • Be the only person in the room – if the whiteboard in the truck says that the ghost is shy, that is.

As soon as you get a response from the ghost, feel free to quit using the Spirit Box and mark it down in your journal as evidence. The ghost’s answer will be typed out on the Spirit Box, so there’s no confusion as to if you actually received an answer or not.

"Show yourself, DICK." from PhasmophobiaGame

Types of questions to ask

There are plenty of right questions you can ask the ghost. Don’t ask it to do your math homework, or who’s the fairest of them all or anything like that. Try these questions or requests in your next game:

  • Give us a sign!
  • Where are you?
  • Are you close?
  • Show yourself!
  • Can you talk?
  • Are you here?
  • What do you want?
  • Can you show yourself?

If the ghost shows hostility in its answers, expect a hunt soon. As soon as you hear “kill”, “death”, or “attack”, go hide in a bathroom stall, locker, closet, or a another room entirely with the door closed, flashlight off, and your mouth shut. The ghost can always hear you, with or without the Spirit Box.

Location questions are also useful to ask the Spirit Box. Asking “Are you close?”, “Where are you?”, and “What is your location?” are good ways of getting one-word answers to whether you’re nearby the ghost’s room or not. The ghost room is key to finding all the other pieces of evidence with ease.

Don’t bother wasting your time with demographic questions like “Are you a boy?”, “How old are you?”, “Are you a girl?” or “Are you a child?” While these questions will prompt a response, they’re not giving you full value out of your conversation with the ghost. Try to get info you can actually use.

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