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How to use the Visionary perk | Dead by Daylight Guide

Dead by Daylight released their CHAPTER XVII: Descend Beyond DLC back in September 2020 to mixed reviews. Felix Richter was the featured Survivor released in the Dead by Daylight DLC. We’ll check out his unique Survivor perk: Visionary.

What does the Visionary perk do?

Felix Richter’s Visionary perk shows the aura of nearby generators to the user. It’s a passive perk that remains active until a generator is complete, rendering Visionary disabled for 20/18/16 seconds depending on the perk’s tier. Visionary can show the generator’s aura through walls, floors, or ceilings – as long as you’re within 32 meters.

visionary perk dead by daylight

How you can use Visionary

Given how Visionary is active for most of the match, it’s impossible not to notice its effect when running around the map. These auras would be most useful to the Survivor at the beginning or end of the match, when there’s either an abundance or a shortage of generators to repair. This could provide some team utility if you’re playing the Dead by Daylight mode, Survive with Friends, and communicating through an external voice chat like Discord.

Is Visionary a viable Survivor perk?

No. As soon as you have even the most minor familiarity with Dead by Daylight‘s gameplay, this perk no longer does anything for you. Generators are painfully visible and have tall light posts that players can see from pretty far away. Using Visionary in outdoor maps is especially not recommended.

Visionary also unlocks at Level 30 through a DLC character, which makes it especially unlikely that you’d need to use it after this much time with the game. You’re better off using another stronger aura or notification perks like Spine Chill, Detective’s Hunch, Kindred, or Object of Obsession.

The only time Visionary could be useful is if you slot it in knowing you’re about to play an indoor map. Aside from that, this is very much a perk that only new players could find useful. Giving Visionary a try might be an easier pill to swallow if you use the perk for free in a Dead by Daylight custom game. That way you’re not investing valuable Bloodpoints into a weak perk.

If you just must use Visionary in Dead by Daylight, pair it with Sprint Burst (or another exhaustion perk of your choice), Iron Will, and Leader

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