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How to use Wong in Marvel Strike Force – Abilities, best team

Wong is a descendant of a long line of monks that have aided the Ancient One. In his more recent endeavors, he has assisted Doctor Strange against the likes of Dormammu and Dracula. Here is everything you need to know about Wong in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Basic – Arcane Kick

  • Attack primary target for 320% damage.
  • Clear 1 negative effect from self and all Darkhold allies.

Special – Dash Strike

  • Attack primary target for 200% Piercing + Bonus Attack 2 times for 200% Piercing.
  • This attack ignores Defense Up.

Ultimate – Portal Rush

  • Transfer all negative effects from this character to the primary target. Clear all negative effects from self.
  • Copy 3 positive effects from the primary target to self. Flip 3 positive effects on the primary target.
  • Attack primary target for 300% damage.
  • Gain Taunt for 2 turns + Barrier self for 30% of this character’s Max Health.
  • If Heartless Doctor Strange or Doctor Strange is an ally, gain +1 Safeguard, to a maximum of 2.
  • This attack cannot be dodged.

Passive – Guardian of Ancient Knowledge

  • On Spawn, apply Defense Up for 2 turns to self and all Darkhold allies.
  • On Turn, if this character or any Darkhold allies have any amount of Barrier, apply +1 Deflect, up to a maximum of 3, to those characters.
  • When an enemy attacks a Darkhold ally, if this character does not have Ability Block, attack that enemy 3 times for 50% Piercing.
  • When this character drops below 30% Health, clear Taunt.
  • Gain +30% Armor.
  • Darkhold allies gain +30% Armor.

Wong comes with built-in high Health and Resistance. Paired with his additional Armor from his Passive, Wong is great at tanking hard-hitting abilities that enemies throw at him. He excels at flipping positive effects and clearing negative effects when using his Basic Ability.

Best team for Wong in Marvel Strike Force

Your optimal line-up is Wong + Heartless Doctor Strange + Agatha Harkness + Scarlet Witch + Morgan le Fay.

Wong is the Protector of the Darkhold team. When paired with fellow Darkhold members, he grants them Defense Up and Deflect to reduce incoming damage. He also retaliates any time his Darkhold allies are attacked. Unlike other Protectors, Wong will also clear Taunt from himself before he takes too much damage.

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