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How to use Wraith’s unique perks in Dead by Daylight

The Wraith is one of the original Killers in Dead by Daylight and has three unique perks. If you want to learn how to use his power, I have a separate guide that covers his playstyle in detail. Now, let’s see what the Wraith’s unique perks are and how to use them effectively.


The Wraith’s first unique perk is Predator. The teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 30. Here is how it works: 

Scratch marks left by Survivors will spawn slightly/moderately/considerably closer together. 

Predator is a perk to help new players learn the importance of scratch marks. Scratch marks can be difficult to understand at first because they spread out over a wide area. Predator tightens up the scratch marks, which makes it a lot easier to tell where the Survivors have been. This perk can be used on its own, or with other tracking perks.



The Wraith’s second unique perk is Bloodhound. The teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 35. Here is how it works:  

“Fresh blood marks are considerably more discernible than normal and can be tracked for 2/3/4 seconds longer than normal.” 

Bloodhound is a perk to help new players learn the importance of tracking blood. It makes blood left by injured Survivors a bright red color, so it is impossible to miss. Bloodhound can be used by itself, but it also combines well with Sloppy Butcher, or anything that inflicts Hemorrhage on Survivors. The reason Bloodhound is so great with Hemorrhage is that Hemorrhage increases the Survivor’s bleeding frequency, giving you a lot more blood to follow.



The Wraith’s final unique perk is Shadowborn. The teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 40. Here is how it works:  

“Your field of view is 9/12/15 degrees wider than normal. Does not stack with other FOV increases.” 

The increased field of view from Shadowborn can give you a lot of extra information. It is a good quality-of-life perk that works for any Killer. Shadowborn does excel on certain Killers who benefit more from an increased field of view. Killers such as the Blight, Nurse, and Hillbilly can all cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Their powers also allow them to instantly act on anything they see. With Shadowborn they can go after Survivors they normally would have lost to secure a win.  

Shadowborn does not stack with any other FOV perks, so it does not combine with other perks. Remember to be careful of flashlights, or any items that can blind when using Shadowborn, as the extra FOV does give the Survivors a better chance at blinding you from the side.


That’s everything you need to know about the Wraith’s three unique perks and how you can use them in Dead by Daylight. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!

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