How to win The Arks scenario in Frostpunk

Surviving in the frozen wasteland of Frostpunk is no simple task, and it is so easy for things to get out of control. But if you are here, then I know you have at least survived for 20 days in the A New Home scenario, and are ready to try your luck and win The Arks scenario in Frostpunk.

In this scenario, you will be in charge of 45 engineers, as they struggle to keep the four Seedling Arks from freezing. You will have to keep the seedlings warm and the engineers healthy at all times, or you will fail. It is not easy, but it can definitely be done if you just follow these steps.

Find the Factory plans

  • Step 1 – Building workshops and houses

Right from the start, you should focus on building two to three workshops, preferably right next to each other. Doing so will not allow you to do multiple research projects simultaneously, but it will make sure that all your research will be done at a much faster pace.

Once the workshops have been built, it is time to put them to work. Ideally, these workshops should always be researching new things, and the first priority is the Beacon.

At the same time, be sure to build five tents for your engineers, as we cannot afford to have them get sick. This is something you absolutely must do, as there will be no additional survivors joining your community in The Arks scenario in Frostpunk. You will get one scout, but that is it. So in total, you will have 46 people working for you. That said, you can’t risk having them die.

  • Step 2 – The Beacon

The Beacon will allow you to send scout teams to the frozen wasteland in the search for resources that are vital to your community’s survival in Frostpunk.

You should always have the scout team exploring the wasteland, and you need to find the Lost Dreadnought as soon as possible, as within that area you will find the Factory plans you need to build a factory.

Why is the factory important? Well, the factory allows you to build automatons, which will relieve your engineers from working outside in really low temperatures. Plus, the automatons work 24/7, unlike the engineers who work from 8 AM to 6 PM.

How to win “The Arks” scenario in Frostpunk
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So, build the factory and create automatons whenever possible, but do keep at least three steam cores in your inventory, so that you can, later on, build the Hothouse and Steam Coal Mine.

  • Step 3 – Emergency Shifts and Extended Shifts

The first laws you should choose from the Book of Laws are Emergency Shifts and Extended Shift.

Emergency Shifts will allow you to choose when a certain building should work for 24 hours straight, and Extended Shifts allows you to change the normal working schedule from 8 AM – 6 PM to 6 AM – 8 PM.

Don’t use Emergency Shifts very often, as the laborers will be very discontent and die from overworking, but do use Extended Shift on all buildings, to get more supplies each day.

Other than that, I’d say the Extra Rations and Care House laws are also a must-get, but not necessarily right away.

  • Step 4 – Build and upgrade

Once you have finished with the beacon research, you should level up your workshop to level 2, a.k.a. Drafting Machines. That way you can research More Scouts, and send a second scout team out in the wasteland.

Your next priorities are to research Heaters and Bunkhouses – Heaters to keep the Seedling Arks warm, and Bunkhouses to keep the engineers warm.

By now, you should have the Coal Mine, Sawmill, and Steelworks working. Research and build the Hothouse and Cookhouse, and then dedicate the workshops towards the Steam Coal Mine, Steam Wall Drill, and Steam Steelworks.

Autonomous City

  • Step 5 – Building automatons

Once you have created the factory and built an automaton, you will get the Autonomous City quest, asking that you employ two automatons in the Coal industry, two in the Steel industry, one in the Wood industry, and one in the Raw industry.

Here is where your scouts come in handy. Steam cores cannot be built, so have your scouts explore from one location to another, and have them return to the city once they have discovered at least two steam cores. Once the steam cores are placed in your inventory, have the scouts set out into the wasteland again.

Fulfill that quest and you should be getting a bunch of resources every day.

  • Step 6 – Keeping warm

A good thing about playing The Arks in Frostpunk is that you don’t actually have a lot of settlers, so upgrading their homes is much cheaper than in A New Home. That said, level up the workshop until you are able to upgrade the Bunkhouses to actual Houses.

Once that is done, research the Advanced Heaters.

Prepare for the Storm

  • Step 7 – Stocking up

In Prepare for the Storm you will be asked to build five houses, disband all expeditions and outposts, gather 8,000 coal, and gather 5,000 food rations.

The houses are already built, so check that off the list. The next step is to gather as much coal and food rations as possible, so if you see the hothouse and steam coal mines aren’t enough, then build coal thumpers and additional hothouses, or even industrial hothouses.

The expeditions and outposts, however, you want to keep for as long as possible. Check their locations and how much time it would take for them to return to the city, and send them home with just enough time to get there before the storm.

Build enough resource depots to be able to stock all resources you are collecting, plus the resources the scouts are bringing in.

How to win “The Arks” scenario in Frostpunk
Image by 11 bit studios

Finding the way, and Shelter for New Manchester

The next step involves a scout from New Manchester, who will arrive and ask that you find New Manchester and help them. This will be done in three stages: first, you will have to send 600 steel, 600 wood, and 1 automaton to New Manchester. In the second stage, you will have to send 2,000 food rations and 2 automatons. Lastly, you will be asked to send 6,000 coal and 4 automatons.

Make sure to keep 6 automatons in your city at all times, so build the extra 7 automatons needed for this mission early on in the game.

Extra tips

The automatons should be built whenever possible, that way the engineers can stay in warm places. Build at least one medical post early on, to ensure no engineers die.

Pay attention to the temperature warnings as the days go by, that way you will know when you can turn off the heaters to save up coal, and when you absolutely need them on.

Keep important working buildings closer to the generator. These include the hothouse, medical posts, care house, and workshops. The houses can be placed in the second row, right next to those buildings.

And that’s how you win The Arks scenario in Frostpunk. It took me a lot of trial and error, but eventually I managed to get everything going smoothly. Whatever you do, just make sure you are collecting resources right from the start and have enough resource depots to store them in. And remember, the seedlings need to be warm and not “chilly” by the time the storm hits, otherwise you will not get a win.

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