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Hunt: Showdown boss guide – tips and tactics for all boss monsters

Hunt: Showdown is a multi-faceted game that blends PvE objectives into a PvP game. At the game’s core, the main objective is to find three clues to help you track down a boss monster. The bosses all have their own distinct strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. We’ll outline some great Hunt: Showdown tips and tactics for taking on each boss monster in the game.


Every Hunt: Showdown boss will go into a Frenzy state when taking 25% of their total health in damage. An audible queue, like a loud shriek, will tell players when the boss goes into a Frenzy. This causes the boss to take reduced damage and change up their behavior – usually becoming more aggressive – for roughly 30 seconds.


The Butcher is a hulking monstrosity of a boss with a severed animal’s head on its shoulders. The Butcher deals heavy melee damage with his large hook and sets targets on fire. It can also throw the occasional flaming projectile to flush out slippery hunters. Worse yet, the Butcher’s lair often has explosive barrels lying around, and he has the unnerving tendency to accidentally detonate them while you’re near by.

This boss is very vulnerable to rending damage and somewhat vulnerable to poison, but immune to fire. Choke bombs can extinguish its hook temporarily, or be set as an auto-extinguish station for the player. If you have one of these in your loadout, you are set.

hunt showdown boss
Unlike the Meathead pictured above, the Butcher has a false head – it is not a weak spot!

While you are looping, try to get the Butcher to trudge repeatedly through a concertina bomb or poison cloud. These items are probably best used when the Butcher is Frenzied, as it will begin to continuously chase the player.

When you have the Butcher downed, beware of its final swing attack. Getting dropped by the Butcher’s Hail Mary hook is the worst way to end this fight. Wait until it actually keels over before you go to banish it.

Cheapest way to kill the Butcher: Adrenaline shot + axe.


The Spider is the embodiment of arachnophobia. This creepy crawly will run on ceilings and walls to get the literal jump on you. Its poison is theoretically something to be mindful of, but can be easily ignored if you packed an antidote shot into the game. Remember, use an antidote shot every single game at the beginning of the match.

The Spider boss is vulnerable to fire, but immune to poison. When the Spider is in a Frenzy state, it stops being clever and begins chasing you relentlessly, biting you at a furious rate when it catches up. This is technically a good time to unload into it since it will be sitting in one spot, but Frenzy makes it damage-resistant so it is not going to be an easy trade.

Cheapest way to kill the Spider: Kill it with fire. This is not a joke, use fire everywhere. Set the whole building on fire, using lanterns which are usually everywhere.

hunt showdown spider


Hunt: Showdown’s Assassin has two forms: bug swarm, and a humanoid form with a fascinating backstory. It will take damage no matter what state it’s in, so shoot away. Be mindful that the Assassin will take less damage as a bug swarm, but don’t let that deter you from shooting at it. If the Assassin is in its humanoid form, damaging it will stun-lock it if you have a weapon that can attack rapidly.

The Assassin’s primary attack is a bone projectile which has a long setup animation, making it easy to avoid. However, if you get hit you will suffer heavy bleeding.

When Frenzied, it splits into clones that rush the player, exploding into a cloud of insects on contact. This cloud does little damage, but will obscure your vision heavily. While the bugs are on you, the Assassin will usually try to follow up with by sticking you with one of its bone spears, so try to get in cover. It’s a good thing the clones can be 1hko’d by anything, including melee attacks.

The Assassin is resistant to rending damage, and vulnerable to poison. Fire deals heavy damage to this Hunt: Showdown boss, even when it is in bug swarm form, and it instantly kills its clones.

Cheapest way to kill Assassin: Adrenaline shot + axe, again. Even though is it resistant to rending, the Assassin is very easily stunned by damage, so repeatedly whacking it with a heavy blade will end its career swiftly. The hammer and Bomb Lance are even better for this. Also use fire.

hunt showdown boss assassin


Scrapbeak breaks all the Hunt: Showdown boss rules. For starters, this monster was not created by the game’s big bad, the Sculptor, but rather by an unknown agent of chaos known as the Plague Doctor. Scrapbeak’s lore is gruesome and tragic, and certainly worth exploring in depth.

In game terms, Scrapbeak has a lot of specific quirks to be aware of. His main trait is his hoarding: all of the loot normally found on the ground around the boss lair now resides on his body, and he uses a world-spawn melee weapon to strike at hunters; if that weapon happens to be an axe, his hits will inflict bleeding. Every time Scrapbeak enters a Frenzy state, he rapidly sheds some of his items, drops his melee weapon, and switches to another. If Scrapbeak is burning or has taken a hit from an explosive as he enters a Frenzy state, the items he drops are damaged and unusable – except for the melee weapons, which you can still pick up and use against him.

Unlike most other Hunt: Showdown boss monsters, Scrapbeak has parts on his body with differing damage resistance. His red bird mask takes increased damage from all sources, but his big backpack takes heavily reduced damage from  everything except piercing attacks. He is also somewhat resistant to concertina wire, because concertina is actually part of his repertoire. Scrapbeak has the ability to throw concertina bundles at hunters and around the entrances to his boss lair to block them, and he also drops them around himself during Frenzy as a defense mechanism. His other innate defense is his shriek: when damaged, he emits a loud screech that inflicts the ear-ringing effect on near-by hunters, temporarily deafening them.

All that said, you don’t need to approach the Scrapbeak boss fight differently from any other Hunt: Showdown boss. Kill him quickly with your preferred weapons, and enjoy the free fortification he provides to the building, as any enemy hunters arriving after you will have to push through concertina bushes. If you are concerned about damaging his loot, set up a couple of Poison bombs or Poison Crossbow bolts around his lair for him to run through, and put out the static lamps so he doesn’t accidentally burn himself while flailing.

Hunt Showdown Scrapbeak
Image by Crytek

Cheapest way to kill Scrapbeak: Adrenaline Shot + Cavalry Saber. The Saber is your cheapest option for a powerful piercing attack to bring into a match. Bayonet weapons also work well.

Final tip

All bosses are easily brought down with Pennyshot shells and explosives – including explosive ammo. The Sticky Dynamite is also a great all around anti-boss item. The Butcher in particular can take almost-lethal damage from it, but be careful when using sticky dynamite against the other bosses. The Spider might dodge the bomb, or rush you after it gets stuck, getting you caught in the blast. And if you manage to land the sticky dynamite on the Assassin, it will often drop the explosive when it splits into its clones or melts into swarm form, potentially wasting your consumable. Use at your own risk.

Sticking Scrapbeak is safe and effective, however you will miss out on most of his item drops, as the damage of the Sticky Dynamite is high enough to skip two entire Frenzy cycles, and the items he drops on the last one will be damaged by the explosive.

Happy hunting, and keep an eye out for other players! The true boss in Hunt: Showdown is any hunter sneakier than you.

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