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Hunt: Showdown complete gameplay guide

Hunt: Showdown is the antithesis of mainstream FPS games. Its heavy atmosphere often slows gameplay to a tense crawl, the unforgiving blend of PvE and PvP forcing the player to think three steaps ahead. If you’re not worried about the monsters, then you’re worried about the bosses. If you’re not worried about the bosses, then you’re worried about the other players. There’s never a dull moment.

With all the different moving parts that make up Hunt: Showdown‘s sandboxy take on the battle royale genre, it’s tough to find your bearings when you are just starting up. This gameplay guide will help you make your way through the bayou and delta in relative safety.

Gameplay basics

Just because you’re going in green doesn’t mean you can’t show up prepared. We highlight some essential beginner tips the game’s tutorial doesn’t tell new players. There isn’t a Get Good guide anyone can write to beef up your game, but there are plenty of tips and tricks every player should incorporate into their playstyle. Our PvE guide tackles all the elements of Hunt: Showdown you should concern yourself with from the bosses to the monsters.

We also lay out some knowledge with a guide on PvP in Hunt: Showdown. This is a game that rewards those who can think past shooting and knifing their way out of every situation. Finally, you should check out our Hunt: Showdown solo guide if you prefer to go out alone. We cover all the traits, guns, and strategies you need to make it to extraction safely.


The wide array of weapons in Hunt: Showdown can leave players arriving from more traditional shooter games in confusion. Beyond the game’s official Gamepedia – which is very detailed and up to date – have a gun tier list in Hunt: Showdown, as well as a guide on the scopes that attach to them. We cannot stress enough that this isn’t your typical run-and-gun FPS shooter. You have to know your playstyle, environment, monsters, bosses, and opponents in order to best optimize your loadout.

Monsters and bosses

The bosses are the primary objective of Hunt: Showdown. Each boss has their own strengths and weaknesses you need to know before you find all your clues. We break down each boss with their own behaviors, quirks, and the cheapest way to kill them in our boss guide.

Hunt: Showdown shouldn’t be a constant fight. There isn’t a benefit to picking every fight, and some monsters just aren’t worth your time. But if you do find yourself in the middle of an infected mob, we’ve got you covered with a guide breaking down every monster in Hunt: Showdown.

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