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Hunt: Showdown monsters guide – tips and tactics for all mobs

When in doubt, run.

Creeping in the brush is spooky as is, and then you turn a corner only to get jumped by a random monster. Hunt: Showdown has a ton of monsters running around, ready to give away your position and ruin your game. We take a look at all Hunt: Showdown monsters and how to deal with them.


Out of all the Hunt: Showdown monsters, treat Infected as strictly speed bumps. Either you deal with them quickly, or you run right past them. Infected generally aren’t worth the time for the meager EXP they give, so opt for running past them when you can.

The only Infected you should give the time of day is the Doctor Grunt, and only if you’re need of bandaging. They deal poison damage, and drop a health pack when killed. For all intents and purposes, the Doctor Grunt should be treated as a barely-mobile health station.


Armored are slow, chitin-plated humanoid beasts that can pack a serious punch if they catch up to you. They’re easy to avoid or dispatch, and can be permanently slowed down if you hit them in the legs. Armored also come in the concertina variety, wrapped in razor wire that will inflict bleeding if you melee them.

hunt showdown monsters concertina armored

Both Armored monsters are very vulnerable to fire, and a single fusee can kill them in a second. Not saying you should kill every Armored you come across, but they offer good EXP for the little effort it takes to kill them. They are worth hunting if you don’t think you’ll get jumped by other players.


As long as you use your antidote shot at the beginning of every single game, these should be as harmless as gnats, instead of being like the bees in Nic Cage’s The Wicker Man. Hives are easily killed with headshots, and you can swat their swarms away with melee attacks.


Meatheads look like a headless Butcher boss, and will see and chase poisoned players relentlessly. If you use your antidote shot at the beginning of every single game (see a trend?), you’ll be almost invisible to them, free to run right past them. That said, if one of their leeches bites you, the Meathead will gain brief vision of you, despite the poison immunity.

Meathead kills grant almost as much EXP as banishing any Hunt: Showdown boss, but they’re so tanky that it’s usually not worth the time and noise. There is one exception: the Bomb Lance one-shots them, making farming them a breeze. If you decide to pick this fight with anything but a Bomb Lance, know that the Meathead will often chuck a final death-swing, like the Butcher boss, before going down. The desperation swing deals a substantial amount of damage if you get clipped.


This Hunt: Showdown monster is the most aggro of the lot. Immolators are super aggressive, and will spot you from a deceptively far distance. When that happens, you have to deal with them: they can outrun players.

immolator hunt showdown

When damaged with projectiles or blades, Immolators ignite and set everyone and everything around them on fire. They can get one-shot by a poison bolt, or 3-shot by a knuckleduster, so they aren’t difficult to take out.

If you like to see things burn, try to get an Immolator to run into a horde of other monsters. Immolators hate everything, and will light other monsters on fire. It’s hilarious and worth setting up every once and a while.


If you’re PETA, keep moving…

Hounds travel in packs of two to five, and their bites cause light bleeding. Try to avoid them if you can. If not, you can kill a Hound in one shot if you aim for the head, unless it’s wearing a metal mask (safety first). Knives or machetes also make quick work of these not-so-floofy puppers.

antidote shot hunt showdown

Water Devils

Don’t go in the water. First of all, there’s never a good reason to be trudging through open water – it’s slow, loud, drains your stamina, and if another hunter spots you it’s game over. And Water Devils are just a reminder that humans belong on land. They can spot non-crouched movement in water from a decent distance, and their bites inflict heavy damage and bleeding.

If you do want to kill Water Devils – for revenge, for example – they’re not hard to kill, but they respawn shortly after dying. If you are certain you’re in an empty lobby you could technically farm them, although that’s a rather tedious use of your time.

If you haven’t picked up on the theme, it’s best to just keep moving. Not everything in Hunt: Showdown needs to be killed. Remember to play safe and quiet, and to use your antidote shot at the beginning of every single game.

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