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Hunt: Showdown PvE guide – kill monsters on a budget

Hunt: Showdown has with a sizable roster of monsters and bosses that can pack a serious punch. Lets check out some great Hunt: Showdown PvE tips that’ll make you a more efficient hunter.

Bring a melee-fitted weapon

Stealth is key in Hunt: Showdown. Melee-fitted weapons are essential for a quiet, ammo-less way of disposing almost all of the monsters you’ll have to put down. Make sure to bring at least one melee-fitted weapon to your next match. The Striker model weapons are a great choice because they are cheap and can be useful against hunters in a pinch.

As far as melee tools, the knife and knuckle knife are your best bets. The machete and axe are beastly for Hunt: Showdown PvE, but it’s not the best idea to sacrifice a weapon slot to bring one. Versatility is huge.

Hand crossbow

The hand crossbow and its poison variant are much more useful on monsters than they are on hunters. The poison crossbow is particularly good, since it kills every monster in a single shot, with the exception of Meatheads. It also packs a huge punch against the Butcher and Assassin. However, its bolts aren’t recoverable, so you’ll run out at some point.

hunt showdown pve fire

Environmental damage

Hunt: Showdown is more than shooting, stabbing, and smashing stuff. The environment is highly interactive and you should learn to use it at its full potential. Whenever you get the chance, use the environmental weapons and hazards. Axes and shovels make surprisingly quick work of bosses, especially if you have an adrenaline shot handy. The lanterns are great against everything but Immolators. Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything: the Infected will run into open flames to get to you.

Don’t underestimate monsters

Sure, the monsters are simple to deal with, but make sure not to underestimate them. Hunt: Showdown PvE is a monster in itself, and can sometimes bite you in the butt if you get complacent. Try not to get too cocky, and aggro too many mobs simultaneously. You messing around might end up wasting important items and ammo way earlier than you should, drawing hunters to your location in the process. Don’t make Hunt: Showdown PvE more difficult than it has to be.

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