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Hunt: Showdown PvP guide – traits, traps, tactics

Hunt: Showdown PvP is skill against skill. The player(s) who come out on top generally have the better timing, tactics, and situational awareness. That said, there are a number of things you can do to give yourself a leg up. Here are some essential tips for dealing with other hunters in Hunt: Showdown.


The following three traits are invaluable in PvP. Pitcher is helpful not only for offensive throwables, but also for tacticals like the Choke Bomb and Decoys. Adrenaline and Resilience help you recover from worst case scenarios; note, that Resilience is useless if you intend to play solo.

  • Pitcher: Increased throwing range for all items using the aim helper.
  • Adrenaline: Instantly start regenerating Stamina while your Health is critically low.
  • Resilience: Get revived with one full health chunk.

You should also always bring one of the close-range gun traits listed below; taking more than one is overkill.

  • Fanning: Faster rate-of-fire when using single-action pistols.
  • Levering: Faster rate-of-fire from the hip when using lever-action rifles.
  • Ambidextrous: Quicker reloading of matched pairs, and custom clip reloads for semi-auto pistol sets.

Hunt Showdown PvP scope

Good tools to bring

Fusees are super useful and versatile. You can throw them into the boss compound to light the interior so you don’t get ambushed. If you find yourself already in the compound and are trying to defend it, throw fusees in front of entrances to dissuade players from entering that way. You can also just use them to set enemies on fire.

Decoys are another item that has some solid versatility for PvP situations. You can use decoys to ignite dog and chicken pens, aggro monsters, and distract other hunters. Use them to your advantage to stir up some chaos and confusion in any situation. With that said, don’t bother with the Chaos Bomb. The noise is makes has little semblance to an actual gunfight, so any seasoned player would know it’s a sham. It’s distracting, but too expensive for what it does.

Set downed hunters on fire

Lighting downed people on fire really puts their teammates under serious pressure. If they go for the save, you have an opportunity to off the team altogether. Even if they chuck a Choke Bomb to extinguish the fire, they’re still exposing their position for you to get the jump on them.

hunt showdown environment

Not all guns are made equal

While all guns are technically viable, you should always bring a medium or long ammo gun into a match if you intend to hunt other hunters. Even though compact ammo guns are cheap and flexible, they have the worst penetration in the game. Unlike monsters, hunters use cover.


Bring traps and actually use them. Also use the map-spawned bear traps. FPS games have conditioned players to pre-aim at chest and head level, and nobody looks at their feet. Consequently, traps are brutally effective for PvP in Hunt: Showdown.

Big brain plays

Hunt: Showdown is one of the only games which you can big-brain players to death. Get creative and play smart. There are so many tricky thing you can do with the game’s items, and how they work with the interactive environment. Other battle royales preach positioning and clever tactics, but these things are always secondary to reflexes and mechanical skill. If you get inventive, the kills will come. Happy hunting!

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