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Hunt: Showdown solo guide – survive and thrive alone

Running solo in any multiplayer game is a testament of guts. Hunt: Showdown solo has some of the more tense and stressful situations in gaming with its mix of PvE and PvP scenarios, and the fact that your lobby will have duos roaming around. Here are some 5 essential tips for surviving and thriving in a Hunt: Showdown solo game.

Play only fixed contracts

Your odds of winning solo in a Hunt: Showdown match are higher if you’re playing a fixed contract, instead of one of the randomized ones. Knowing the terrain, weather, and bosses is infinitely more useful than the bonus bounty you get for extracting random contracts.

Pick the right traits

When playing solo, stealth is even more of an essential quality to have in Hunt: Showdown. Beastface and Gator Legs should be priority traits that you always take into your solo maches. Also consider the following traits for your loadout:

  • Greyhound: Sprint at full speed for a longer duration.
  • Determination: Stamina recovery starts sooner.
  • Silent Killer: Reduces the sound you make when performing melee attacks.
  • Lightfoot: Vault, jump, fall, and climb ladders silently.

The trick is to keep a low profile while advancing swiftly through the map, and these traits help.

hunt showdown solo

Speaking of customization, here’s a small solo tip about health chunks: try to have hunters with three large chunks. Small chunks are generally only helpful when playing with teammates who can revive you.

Noiseless weapons

On the subject of keeping fast and quiet, take weapons that will keep it that way. Queue up with weapons like the Winfield Silencer and throwing knives. They’re not the best for PvP, but they’ll keep you incognito until you actually want to pick that fight.

Finish the match quickly

Get in and get out. Speed is imperative in Hunt: Showdown solo matches. The trick is to ignore monsters even more than you typically would, and find the nearest boss lair as soon as possible. Kill the boss as efficiently as you can, and extract yourself the moment you’re done.

Banish and vanish

If you find yourself in an especially noisy lobby, it’s best to leave as soon as you start banishing the boss. Sure, you will miss out on some extra EXP and cash, but you are guaranteed to extract with your winnings and your life.

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