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Ignition Code best perks and review | Destiny 2

Ignition Code is a new Kinetic grenade launcher in Destiny 2. With Mountaintop and Militia’s Birthright being sunset, Ignition Code is the new best choice. Here are the perks you should for on Ignition Code.

Perks and rolls

Barrel perks are not as important on grenade launchers. However, magazine perks will make or break the weapon. Spike Grenades are the best for damage output, especially when landing direct hits. If crowd control is more of your thing, look for Blinding Grenades.

In the first column, you have a couple of strong perks. Ambitious Assassin is great when you score kills, and provides increased mag size. Surplus is great also, but requires abilities to be up to see the full benefits. If you like to slide when you play, then Slideshot is the perk for you.

You have two solid damage perk choices. Frenzy is great in all scenarios, while Vorpal Weapon only activates versus bosses and majors. One for All is also present, but doesn’t mesh well with a single-fire weapon. If you want to run a grenade build, then Demolitionist would be a strong pickup.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for on Ignition Code in Destiny 2:

  • Ambitious Assassin + Frenzy – Frenzy is a great damage buff that also boosts reload speed just for being in combat. With Ambitious Assassin you can fire off extra grenades.
  • Slideshot + Vorpal Weapon – This combo is solid for boss damage. Combine it with a Boss Spec mod for even more damage.


Special ammo grenade launchers are in a strong spot in Destiny 2 and Ignition Code is no exception to this. As long as you pair it with decent reload speed, you have a great option for secondary DPS. The only thing that holds it back is the inability to roll with Auto-Loading Holster. Ignition Code drops from Override activities and Umbral Engrams.

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