Jedi Master Kenobi SWGOH Ultimate ability missions guide

It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground!

Jedi Master Kenobi (JMK) is now the must-have Galactic Legend for all Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes rosters. He has a strong base kit, and gets even stronger after unlocking the Jedi Master Kenobi Ultimate ability. Here’s a walkthrough of the Jedi Master Kenobi Tier 4-6 Journey Guide Ultimate ability missions in SWGOH.

Jedi Master Kenobi Tier 4-6

Each mission Tier is a different phase of the duel on Mustafar between Jedi Master Kenobi and Lord Vader. These missions aren’t much harder than the Tier 1-3 of the JMK Journey Guide mission, but it’s still advised to gear up your now-7-star Jedi Master Kenobi. If you put a decent Speed set and a Health mod set on JMK, it should carry you far enough as long as you’ve given him Relic levels as well. It’s hardly optimal, but you can clear these missions with 476 Speed, +135000 Health, and Relic +3. The main goal is to attack first, so make Speed a priority stat.

The battle is fairly simple, as each Tier requires JMK to damage Lord Vader up to a certain percentage: Tier 4 = 75%, Tier 5 = 50%. Tier 6 is when JMK uses his Ultimate. The battles are essentially all the same, so use the following ability steps to ensure victory:

  1. Hello There
  2. I Will Do What I Must
  3. Ardent Bladework (Basic)
  4. Repeat steps after cooldowns

These steps should take no longer than a minute to complete. The JMK mission is simple, but the tradeoff is that the Light Side Currency investment is steep. You don’t need to over-prepare for these missions since JMK is a beast even without his Ultimate ability. If it’s too easy, just own the win and be thankful it’s not like any of the other Galactic Legends missions, which can result in serious Light or Dark Side Currency losses.

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