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Kapp’n boat tours explained in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Kapp’n is finally sailing back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the 2.0 update. Once again players can ride in his boat and listen to his sea shanties. This time though he can take you to a variety of islands on his boat tours. These mystery islands are not like the ones you visit with Nook Miles Tickets – they follow some different rules. First, let’s see how you can go on one of his boat tours. 

You can find Kapp’n docked at your island’s pier. If you talk to him, he will ask if you want to go on a boat tour. This will cost you 1,000 Nook Miles, and you can only go on one boat tour per day. While sailing to the island Kapp’n will sing some sea shanties. You can react to his song during the journey by pressing the Y, X, and A buttons. If you would rather skip to the island, you can press the B button.

The mystery islands Kapp’n takes you to are the only ones that have Gyroid fragments. Each island has one Gyroid fragment buried on it, and a DIY or cooking recipe on the beach. If you want to learn more about Gyroids, I have prepared a separate guide for them.

So how else are Kapp’ns mystery islands different? Well, the mystery islands you go with Nook Miles Tickets follow the same season and time of your home island, but the islands that Kapp’n takes you to have their own seasons and times. You can experience any of the four seasons on these mystery islands, as well as different times of day.


The wildlife you can find will also match the season of the island, and each island has its unique themes and plant life. Additionally, there are many new types of plants that can be found on these islands, which are glowing moss, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, wheat, sugar cane, vines, and plumeria bushes.  

These seasonal islands give players the opportunity to obtain items, plants, and critters, that they cannot get on their home island. Even the DIY recipes you find on the beach can match the season of the island. For example, on a winter island I found a DIY recipe for an ice fence. These unique islands will reduce the need to time travel in order to make certain DIY recipes, or catch critters to finish your museum collection.  

But how can you tell which season it is on an island? Some seasons are obvious, but others are more subtle. Well, the weeds on the island are your answer, because how they look depends on the season. In the spring time weeds will be a bright green color with pink flowers. Then in the summer they look like yellow dandelions with small pink flowers.  

In early autumn the weeds will be a light green color, with purple flowers. In autumn the weeds turn into a light yellow color, and in late autumn they are brown. Then in the winter the weeds do not grow, and look like patches of frost on the ground. Finally, near the end of winter the weeds will have yellow buds and purple flowers.


Next, let’s go over the unique islands I have encountered so far, and what they have to offer. There is a winter island covered in snow. Here you can find snowflakes floating in the wind, and catch them with nets. These snowflakes can be used to create winter DIY items. 

There are fall islands that can have acorns, pinecones, mushrooms, and maple leaves floating in the wind. You can find fall-themed DIY recipes here that use acorns and other fall-specific items for crafting. After that, we have the cherry blossom island that is covered in cherry blossom trees. Here you can catch cherry blossom petals, and find a DIY recipe that uses these petals. 

One of the best islands to find is the shooting star island. Here it will be late at night with many shooting stars that you can wish upon. However, wishing on these stars will not make star pieces appear on your home island. On the beach you can find many star pieces, and a star-themed DIY recipe. However, the most exciting part about this island is the rocks, because if you hit them star pieces come out.  

Another amazing and extremely rare island is the money island. This island is filled with trees that have bells in their branches, and every rock is a money rock. There is also a special island covered in glowing moss, palm trees, and vines. These are both new plants released in the update. Vines act as natural ladders and allow you to climb up cliffs. Meanwhile, glowing moss can be used for decoration and DIY. On the beach you can find vine or glowing moss DIY.


The next island is a cherry blossom island full of cherry blossom trees. Here you can catch cherry blossom petals, and find cherry blossom DIYs. After that is the summer-based island that has summer shells on the beach, and summer-themed DIYs.  

Then there are the crop islands. Each crop island only has one type of crop growing on it. The various crops are pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, sugar cane, wheat, and potatoes. After that, we have Bamboo Island. Here you can get bamboo shoots, as well as bamboo DIY recipes. 

Those are all the islands Kapp’n can take you to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These islands make for an exciting adventure and are a nice addition to the game.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides.

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