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Lost Ark Gunner class breakdown – Playstyles and strengths

The Gunner is a damage-oriented class in Lost Ark. They excel at range, wielding weapons like bows, guns, and even artillery cannons. With four different advanced classes, it can be hard to decide on just one Gunner to play. Here is a quick guide to the playstyles and strengths of the Gunner class in Lost Ark.


Gunslingers combine lots of movement with high damage output, making them a formidable foe in duels. Their Eye of Twilight ability slows enemies, making it difficult to escape from the Gunslinger or their allies. Gunslingers can switch between guns quickly, gunning down any enemy who steps into their range.

Strengths: Can kite enemies, hard to pin down, great in one-on-one scenarios.


The Artillerist combines heavy armor with a heavy artillery weapon. Both these combined make a strong class for soloing content in the game. With abilities like Flamethrower, Napalm Shot, and Gatling gun, you will be entering every fight with guns blazing.

Strengths: Hard-hitting abilities, strong defense, lots of AOE damage.


Want a gun for every situation? Then look no further than the Deadeye. Your abilities push around enemies, and in some cases pull them in closer for the kill. Whoever manages to make it away will easily get burned down by your Spiral Flame ability.

Strengths: Equipped for close, mid, and long-range, DoT damage with fire abilities.


No MMO nowadays is complete without a bow class. The Sharpshooter uses special arrows to take advantage of every scenario, exploiting the weaknesses of their enemies. With the stealth from Golden Eye, you can easily reposition to turn the fight in your favor or get the drop on someone.

Strengths: Stealth abilities, great mobility, sustained damage for long fights.

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