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Lost Ark Warrior class breakdown – Playstyles and strengths

The Warrior class in Lost Ark has hard-hitting abilities while also being able to soak up lots of damage. Whether you want to bolster your allies with barriers or chain your enemies in place, the Warrior is a versatile class with three different playstyles. Here is a quick overview of the Warrior class in Lost Ark.


The Berserker trades in some of their defense for extra damage. Wielding a high-damage Greatsword, once they enter their Berserk mode they become unstoppable. With multiple AOE abilities and high damage, The Berserker class is the offensive powerhouse of the Warriors.

Strengths: High damage, multiple AOE abilities, additional movement speed when Berserking.


The Paladin uses the powers of the gods to support their allies and punish enemies who get too close. This class balances both offensive and defensive abilities to control the battlefield. Whether calling down the Wrath of God on your foes or creating barriers for your allies, the Paladin is a strong jack-of-all-trades choice.

Strengths: Team buffs, flexibility, a balance of offensive and defensive abilities.


If you want to be the main tank in Lost Ark, the Gunlancer will be your go-to. The Gunlancer has a defensive stance and high crowd control, which makes them a defensive powerhouse and a great damage sponge. With the Hook Chain ability, the Gunlancer can draw enemies closer and away from their squishier allies. While your Gunlance can deal some decent damage, your true value lies in your tanking abilities.

Strengths: High defense, lots of crowd control, abilities that protect your team.

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