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So you’ve got Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, started your conquest of Calradia, and want to settle down with your lord or lady. It is definitely possible, as it was in Warband, but this time around you can actually create a family. But is marriage in Bannerlord really worth it? I mean, are there any political or even tactical advantages of creating a family in this game? This quick guide will answer all of your questions.

How do I get married?

Before moving on to the more political side of marriage, let’s first explore how players can get married in the game.
There are some rules that can’t be bent:

  • The first rule states that the players can only marry unmarried characters from the opposite sex. There is no exception here. You won’t even get the same conversation topics when you speak to someone of the same sex, and you definitely won’t get a chance to flirt with married people, even if it was just to get on their good side.
  • Rule 2 is bad news for any polygamy fans: you can only marry one person. Don’t get me wrong, you can flirt to your heart’s content, but ultimately, you will only marry one person.
  • You cannot marry kings and clan leaders. Sorry to disappoint again, but this is one feature that didn’t change from Warband to Bannerlord.

Finding the best life partner

Alrighty then, you’ve decided to get married, good for you! But, who exactly are you going to get married to?
Well, the game provides you with an Encyclopedia (N), which allows you to sort the kingdoms and look for the ideal candidate.

Getting married in Bannerlord: worth it?

The ceremony

Once you’ve found your soulmate, it’s time to put a ring on it. The first thing to do is talk to the person you want to marry. There will be an option to mention how you’ve noticed that they haven’t taken a husband or wife just yet. You will be told to talk to them in the near future, but you can try the dialogue again and will find new conversation topics regarding the subject.

Getting someone to marry you is quite similar to recruiting a lord into your faction. You’ll have three conversation checks, and you’ll have to pick the right one. Fail to do so and you’ll be told that the two of you aren’t compatible, ruining your chances of marriage with that person.

I advise you to save the game before this conversation, so you can go back in case you mess up. That is unless you’re playing the realistic version of the game, in which case you will have to find another suitable partner.

Once you actually get your partner interested in marriage, you will have to address their clan leader and take care of the wedding arrangements. Keep in mind you will have to pay a sum of money to get everything arranged. The second the clan leader accepts, you will be automatically married and will have to return to your newlywed spouse and party on.

Political and tactical advantages of getting married in Bannerlord

I regret to inform you that marrying in Bannerlord won’t bring you any advantages or bonuses. That’s right, it is not worth it going through all the trouble of finding the most influential partner in Calradia. The second you get married, your partner will automatically leave their clan and join yours.

The only advantage that comes with marriage in Bannerlord is the fact that they will now be available as companions. You can level their skills, gear them up with the finest armor – or silk dresses, your choice – and ask them to join you in battle.

Your spouse cannot be given settlements, so I found that the best use for them is to make them the governor of some settlement you own, to boost the settlement.

Getting married in Bannerlord: worth it?

Children and inheritance

With marriage in Bannerlord come children. It’s still a bit unclear how it happens, as it is kind of random. One day you’re fighting some Sturgian thug and on the next day you’ll come home to a new kid – or find yourself with a baby belly.

I know what you’re thinking: “What the heck am I to do with children”? Well, believe it or not, they are a vital part of the game. As Bannerlord is much more realistic than previous Mount & Blade titles, your character will age and eventually die. Heck, your character can even die young in the middle of a battle.

Your children grow at lightning-fast speed and start fighting very soon, becoming general heroes and doing their thing. You can recruit them and improve their skills as best as you can. Why focus on your kid’s education? Well, once you kick the bucket, you’ll get to choose a kid and continue the game.

Simply put, despite not being able to benefit from your spouse’s previous political standing, marriage in Bannerlord someone does come in handy. Because if you die and have no heirs, then it’s game over for you.

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