Marvel’s Avengers complete gameplay guide

Marvel’s Avengers has a captivating single-player campaign. Though, it’s the live service elements that are interlaced into the game that captured players’ attention upon its launch. With a robust levelling system, numerous resources and types of gear to find, it’s enough to keep you busy for a long while. Adding to that, Marvel’s Avengers also has a full-fledged Battle Pass system featuring cosmetics, and there’s endgame content to work towards.

It doesn’t matter if you’re stepping into the Iron Man suit for the first time or have considered yourself the God of Thunder since launch, our gameplay guide may help during your time with Marvel’s Avengers.

How to find and use resources

One of the most important aspects of the game is the collection of resources. The various resources found organically through missions and collected in crates can be used to upgrade and purchase gear. Though, there are a lot of resource types. We’ve broken down the significance of each resource in our resource guide.

How to find new gear and increase Power

Although Marvel’s Avengers features a levelling system tied to unlocking new skills, your gear level plays a very significant role. Knowing how to find the best gear possible to increase Power levels is incredibly important, especially when nearing the endgame.

Unlocking cosmetics, emotes, and nameplates

Marvel’s Avengers includes many ways to customize your heroes to stand apart from other players. In order to do so, you must unlock new cosmetics, emotes, and nameplates. Many of these are touchstones into the Marvel comics or flat out look really cool. We’ve compiled a Marvel’s Avengers gameplay guide to show how you can unlock these cosmetics so you can stand out during the next mission.

Post-campaign guide

While Marvel’s Avengers has an original story to tell, the game – like the movies – doesn’t end when the credits roll. The post-campaign expands the game’s War Table hub to include new missions and Strikes. The game offers a lot of freedom of what to do following the campaign, and we have prepared a full breakdown of everything to do.

Of course, it all leads to the game’s endgame mini-raid, where players will be tested. It’s worth experiencing before Crystal Dynamics begins adding more heroes and content down the line

How to reach Power level 150

The obsession over gear and endless grind to collect those much-needed resources are all in an effort to reach Power level 150. It takes a bit of patience and quite a bit of planning. Knowing what activities to complete and how to use resources correctly will cut down on the time it takes – you can use our quick leveling guide to help you with that. Before you know it, you’ll have hit the current Power level cap.

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