Marvel’s Avengers Hawkeye tips and tricks

Marvel’s Avengers has launched its Hawkeye Future Imperfect DLC,  and we have prepared a list of handy tips and tricks to utilizing Hawkeye’s moveset. The latest DLC introduces players to the bow-wielding S.H.I.E.L.D agent and we’ll cover this great addition to your Strike Team.

Right off the hop, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop are given entirely different strengths when it comes to deeper mechanics. On a surface level, Hawkeye does sport a bow and a sword, similar to Kate Bishop. However, delving into the minutia of how the character handles combat, the differences are very apparent. Kate Bishop is more centered around her teleportation skills, while Hawkeye is focused on the bow and arrow. His Heroic abilities can offer benefits while playing solo, but they are especially useful when added to a Strike Team composition.

Hawkeye: the basics

As we’ve covered, Hawkeye carries a sword for melee attacks and uses a bow and arrow for ranged combat. It’s pretty basic stuff. Though, as you begin levelling up Hawkeye’s Power level, you’ll begin to see his full moveset.

Using Hawkeye’s light attacks, you’ll open up a fury of sword slashes. As you level up the character, you can unlock his Signature attack. As you chain together attacks, Hawkeye will shoot his Implosion arrow. This will draw enemies in for closer proximity for attacks.

Let’s touch on Hawkeye’s heavy attacks. Once a chain of hits has landed, Hawkeye has a number of Power attacks. Holding down the heavy attack button, Hawkeye will shoot his Split Shot arrow which seeks out multiple targets. This can be paired with the Bag of Tricks move which will send out three bursts of Split Shots dealing a substantial amount of damage.

Being the sharpshooter he is, Hawkeye has three variations of arrows for his ranged attacks. The first is the standard Razor arrow, a single shot attack. The second is the Pulsar arrow, a charged attack. Finally, Hawkeye has his Cluster shot, which fires three arrows at enemies.

Someone call a medic

Hawkeye’s Support Heroic ability is, in my opinion, one of the best across the roster. Once activated, Hawkeye will shoot what is referred to as his Recovery Arrow into the ground. A sizeable ring will appear and will continuously heal Hawkeye and any ally. Healing will continuously be provided until the time has elapsed.

This ability can be of exceptional help when playing solo and you find yourself pinned against a group of enemies. Of course, it’s also a huge benefit when playing in a team, as all members of the Strike Team can heal up during a fight.

One exceptionally useful time to use it is during a Villain Sector boss fight. Whether you’re facing off against Taskmaster or Abomination, try firing a Recovery arrow at the enemy’s feet. This will open up a window of opportunity for the entire Strike Team to play aggressively without fear of running out of health.

Suggested Specialties:

Nanite Shield – Absorb 20% of incoming damage.
Heroic Recharge – Enemies defeated within radius have a 30% chance of dropping a Heroic Orb.

Raining fire

Hawkeye’s Assault Heroic ability can also be useful in a supporting role. As the player activates this ability, Hawkeye will draw his bow and players can select a target for an air raid of Nightstorm arrows. The area of effect is not extraordinarily large, so choose wisely.

This ability adds to Hawkeye’s arsenal to be a well-rounded support-class superhero. Nightstorm arrows should always be used to target enemy spawns when doing a solo run. During Strike Team missions, your teammates can ping areas of the battlefield that are swamped with enemies.

Nightstorm arrows can be fairly effective against Elite-type enemies. Though, it’s suggested to use this ability against low-powered drone enemies to clear them from the area quickly.

Suggested Specialties:

Fire Devil – Creates a fiery vortex dealing Plasma damage and launches enemies.
Fatal Domain – Increase the area of effect by 50%.

Become the hunter

Last but certainly not least, Hawkeye’s Hunter arrow Ultimate Heroic ability is especially unique. It’s perfect for supporting teammates from afar and keeping enemies at bay. Upon activation, Hawkeye will shoot an arrow that automatically targets and hits up to 10 enemies. The damage dealt is significant, and using the ability effectively requires very little effort from the player.

To be frank, Hawkeye’s Hunter arrow is very reminiscent of Yondu’s Yaka arrow, in that it is a controlled arrow that flies between enemies causing damage. Instead of being controlled by a whistle, players simply unleash the attack and concentrate on cleaning up the remaining enemies.

Suggested Specialties:

Twin Talons – Fires two Hunter arrows, dealing Shock damage to all targets.
Hawk’s Cry – Hunter arrows draw aggro’d enemies away from Strike Team members.

We hope this guide has helped you get started with Hawkeye. For more Marvel’s Avengers tips and tricks, keep it locked to SQUAD.

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