Marvel’s Avengers post-campaign guide: we’re in the endgame now

Marvel’s Avengers features a diverse catalogue of endgame content to complete following the campaign. Upon your initial playthrough, you’ll experience an original story, unlocking a cast of the world’s mightiest heroes. Here, you’ll begin to collect resources and find new gear, powering all six available characters. But what happens after the credits roll?

Some would argue that’s when the real game starts – the endgame. Once done with the campaign, the game’s live service game loop step into the limelight. Marvel’s Avengers transitions from its Story mode to the Avengers Initiative, where loot grinding, completing daily tasks, and four-player co-op missions take the focus.

As you step up to the War Table after completing the campaign, SHIELD’s Maria Hill throws a barrage of new mission chains to complete. There are also incentives to complete daily faction assignments and Villain sectors to increase your Faction XP. Completing post-campaign content leads you down the road of unlocking Elite Hives, large strongholds perfect for loot grinding.

To navigate the endgame in Marvel’s Avengers, we’ve put together a guide of what you should focus on in the Avengers Initiative mode.

Complete Iconic Missions

Iconic Missions begin popping up in your Missions tab during the campaign. Iconic Missions are multi-step mission chains that focus on a specific member of the Avengers.

Many steps of the Iconic Missions will send you on a specific mission, such as Thor’s Mistaken Identity. Though, you’ll also have to complete a checklist of tasks. These could be anything, like ‘Deal over 10,000 cumulative rage damage’ as Hulk, or ‘Use the Unibeam eight times’ as Iron Man.

This will assist in your heroes levelling up. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for you to choose which heroes you’d like to main if you haven’t already done so. Most importantly, completing every Iconic Mission is a prerequisite for The Last Avenger Standing mission chain. This mission chain is going to play a huge focus for us in the endgame.

Remember Villain Sectors and daily faction assignments

Before you start any mission, it’s wise to hit up the two major social spaces in Marvel’s Avengers. Speak to Alisande Morales on the Helicarrier, and Sarah Garza in the Ant Hill. Take all available assignments from each faction, as well as the daily Villain Sector missions available.

The completion of the daily assignments will come fairly naturally. Go ahead and tackle Iconic Missions and War Zones and you’ll begin completing these in no time. The best part is that a lot of them can actually stack. During my playthroughs, I’ve been assigned to gain experience or ‘defeat X amount of Synthroid’ by both factions in one day. This is why it’s advantageous to snag all assignments off the bat to save time and effort. Completion of daily assignments will increase your Faction XP level.

Villain Sectors are larger boss-focused missions. These will reward you with high-tier loot and other drops worthy of your time. You can take on one Villain Sector mission from each faction per day. You’ll always face the same handful of bosses. That said, Villain Sectors are quite fun, especially with a group.

Grind War Zone missions

War Zone missions are the run-of-the-mill missions that can be completed by yourself with AI companions or with friends and online players. They typically feature some light story elements, but usually boil down to facing against A.I.M while completing some secondary objectives. They can range from quick two-step objectives to long drawn out missions.

War Zones are a perfect place to grind hero levels and find better gear to increase power levels. Truth be told, they can get a bit repetitive. Though, over time, they become easier to complete once you learn the mission loop and objectives.

These should be treated as your day-to-day grind sessions during longer playtimes. There’s no limit to how many times you can complete War Zone missions each day, so you and your squad can continuously use these to progress your heroes.

Unlock elite Hive missions

Throughout your time in the Avengers Initiative mode, you’ll find a large selection of mission chains in your Missions tab. Each of these mission chains all contributes to unlocking elite Hive missions.

Hive missions unlock soon after you have finished the campaign. They offer decent loot drops and a medium challenge. Elite Hive missions, on the other hand, up the ante and reward you with high-tiered loot. They revolve around making your way through five floors in an A.I.M building, completing various tasks while fighting enemies.

Before you can even attempt an elite Hive mission, you’ll have to complete The Last Avenger Standing mission chain. In order to do this, you basically have to complete everything in the Avengers Initiative. This includes all five HARM room challenges, all Iconic missions, the Vault Onboarding mission, and any other loose thread you may have.

Gain access to the Secret Lab mission

The Secret Lab mission is the goalpost in Marvel’s Avengers. This event-type mission is what all players endlessly grinding their way through the Avengers Initiative are working towards. This mini-raid type mission is the most challenging encounter the game provides thus far.

AIM’s Secret Lab mission is available once a week and will test the mettle of each participating player. To gain access, players must reach the highest Power levels (150 being the cap). 

Truthfully, not much else is knows as players are still grinding their way to reach 150 Power level. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have said that the mission culminates with a massive boss battle that is “influenced by how well players’ teams performed throughout the mission”. Other than elite Hive missions, the Secret Lab mission is what the dedicated community is aiming towards achieving.

Overall, there’s quite a lot to sink your teeth into. Many aspects of the endgame in Marvel’s Avengers are a bit repetitive. Though, there’s no shortage of content to work through as you power up your favourite heroes after completing the campaign.

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