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Multimach CCX SMG review and best perks | Destiny 2

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Multimach CCX is one of the two new Iron Banner weapons this season in Destiny 2. A Lightweight Frame SMG, it fires at 900 RPM and resides in the kinetic slot. Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on the Multimach CCX SMG.

Perks and rolls

The Multimach CCX has scope sight choices as opposed to the usual barrel perks. All four choices available are solid, as they do not decrease any of the gun’s base stats. For magazine perks look for Appended Mag or Tactical Mag as they increase magazine size without hurting reload speed. Accurized Rounds is also a good pickup for extra range.

The first column perks are a major letdown. The best choice in the slot is Killing Wind, which is not a bad perk, just not amazing. In terms of reload perks, the options are Threat Detector or Subsistence. The only issue with these is that Threat Detector requires you to be near multiple enemies, and Subsistence reduces the amount of ammo you carry.

In the second column, you have two damage perk options. Kill Clip is great when paired with high reload speed. One for All is the second option and doesn’t require kills or a reload to activate the damage boost. Avoid using the Iron perks because they will negatively impact the gun’s stats.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for on Multimach CCX in Destiny 2:

  • Killing Wind + Kill Clip – Killing Wind is a great perk for range boosts on kills, which helps SMGs with damage falloff. Kill Clip pairs well with this because the damage boost is also activated off of kills.
  • Threat Detector + One For All – This combo fits a playstyle that keeps you surrounded by enemies. When this happens you can stack Threat Detector for extra reload speed and handling, and One for All can be easily activated.


While Multimach CCX is in one of the best SMG archetypes, it lacks a diversity of perks to differentiate it from the competition. However, it has the necessary perks to be useful in most content and activities.

Multimach CCX can be obtained through Iron Banner drops.

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