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New Dead by Daylight Survivor Elodie Rakoto perks explained

The newest chapter in Dead by Daylight is A Binding of Kin, which brings in a new Killer called the Twins, and new Survivor Elodie Rakoto. With them come new perks that can change up the game entirely. In this article I will be going over the new Survivor’s perks and what you can do with them. If you want to know what the new Killer can do, check out my article going over the Twins here.

Now, what perks will Elodie Rakoto bring to Dead by Daylight?


Her first unique perk is Appraisal:

“Start the trial with 3 tokens. When a chest has already been opened, consume a token to search for an item. You unlock chests 40/60/80% faster.”

I think this is a great addition to Dead by Daylight. Appraisal allows you to still make use of a chest even though someone else has already searched it. This will help counteract toxic Survivors who open chests even though you asked them not to so you can finish a daily or archive.

Appraisal Elodie Rakoto Dead by Daylight

Appraisal’s major use will be for looting builds. Pair this with Plunderer’s Instinct and you can find many high quality items in one game, allowing you to help your team with more tools, and at the same time stocking up on items yourself. If you want to have crazy chest opening speeds then equip Pharmacy, which will boost your chest opening speed to 160%!

You can also use this perk in Survive with Friends to help your friends get very rare items.


Elodie’s second unique perk is Deception:

“Interacting with a locker while sprinting will trigger a loud noise notification at your location and cause you to leave no scratch marks for 3 seconds. You no longer enter lockers while sprinting and while this perk is active. Deception can only be triggered once every 60/50/40 seconds.”

This perk is another distraction-based perk, similar to Adam’s perk Diversion and Zarina’s perk Red Herring. You have to be careful about the perks you choose to run with it, though. For example, you may not want to run Quick and Quiet with this perk since you cannot fast vault into lockers with Deception equipped.

Deception Elodie Rakoto Dead by Daylight

Deception is in a weird place right away, with most players confused about why it was created. We already have Dance With Me, which prevents Survivors from leaving scratch marks when they fast vault out of lockers, or over windows. Add to that the fact that fast vaulting in or out of lockers already gives the Killer a loud noise notification. So Survivors can already pull the Killer’s attention to an area without needing Deception equipped.

All Deception does is save Survivors a half second of time. Maybe if Deception allowed you to trigger the noise notification at a different locker it would be useful. But notifying the Killer to your location does not give you enough time to leave before they get there. At the most you would use it to get the Killer’s attention so that they chase you instead of your teammates.

Alternatively you could use Deception in the middle of chases, to make the Killer think you went in a locker, then try to make your escape in three seconds before your scratch marks reappear. However, I doubt high rank Killers would fall for this ruse, since they pay attention to sound as well as sight, and they would hear the Survivor’s footsteps as they run away.

Power Struggle

Elodie’s final unique perk is Power Struggle:

“While being carried by the Killer, reaching 35/30/25% wiggle progress activates Power Struggle. While Power Struggle is active you can drop a nearby standing pallet to stun the Killer. Power Struggle is deactivated when it triggers successfully.”

Power Struggle Elodie Rakoto Dead by Daylight

This is one of the most interesting perks we have had in a long time. It lets Survivors capitalize on a Killer making the mistake of running through a pallet. If you do not know, stunning a Killer with a pallet while they are holding a Survivor forces them to drop the Survivor, giving them a chance to escape.

Killers often avoid picking Survivors up at pallets for this reason. But if they know that nobody is around a pallet, Killers often walk through while on their way to a hook. Power Struggle gives Survivors an interesting way to escape from the Killer. Unfortunately this perk will be weak in high ranks because all high rank Killers will know this perk exists and play around it. Power Struggle will be effective against less experienced Killers, though.

A perk that would combo perfectly with Power Struggle is Flip-Flop, since it fills up your wiggle bar depending on how much you have recovered. This would let you achieve that 25% wiggle process much faster. This does depend on the Killer leaving you on the ground for a few seconds, though.

As good as Power Struggle sounds on paper, being able to use this perk effectively will always depend on the Killer’s actions. In the end Decisive Strike is the superior perk to use to escape the Killer’s grasp.

A Binding of Kin Explained! PTB 4.4.0| Dead by Daylight News

There are the new perks Elodie Rakoto is bringing in A Binding of Kin chapter for Dead by Daylight. While her perks have interesting effects, none of them will be meta changing. But you can still have fun playing with their effects and create unique perk builds with them. If you would like to see how these perks work in game, check out my video above.

Stay tuned for more guides on Dead by Daylight and good luck out there in the fog!

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