New Faction Warfare system in Albion Online explained

The Call of Arms update was introduced early this month, with loads of new features, from the Hellgate do-over to overall improvements. Most importantly, it introduced the new faction warfare system in Albion Online.

As you probably already know, with the faction warfare system, players can sign up to certain City Factions. When joining a city faction, players can fight enemy faction players and NPCs on behalf of their city.

Fighting for or battling a city can be done by capturing outposts or capturing entire zones. In fact, doing so will provide the players with faction loyalty points, which they can later on spend on faction rewards.

Capturable objectives increase in value over time, which is a pretty good incentive to attack enemy cities and respective factions. Defending the cities is also very rewarding, and the longer a faction holds a city the more faction loyalty points are awarded to faction members.

Plus, at the end of each week, a report is shared, which sums up each member’s performance within the city. The higher the performance, the higher the additional points.

Although faction warfare has been a part of Albion for a while, a lot of changes were introduced in the update.

The new Faction Warfare system in Albion Online

New player friendly

I’ve mentioned this a lot: Albion Online is a great game, but tends to be quite complex and overwhelming at times, especially for new players. The new faction warfare system in Albion Online has come to fix a part of that issue by making sure no one dies when faction warfare takes place in either a yellow or blue zone. This way, new players can play all they want, help their city faction, without the fear of losing their gear.

More engaging for experienced players

Red zones remain a lethal place for faction warfare, and to add more content, there are now more red zones spread out in the open world.

Naturally, the higher the risk the higher the reward, so warfare in red zones provides a larger amount of the rewards given in other areas.

Large-scale battles

Albion Online has a very big focus on PvP, so naturally there would need to be large-scale battles, much like ZvZs. New players can get a taste of a battle in yellow and blue zones, and veterans can do so in riskier zones.

But what caught my attention was that the game now pushes players towards direct conflict via a “front line”, pulling players’ attention by giving them a chance to conquer regions of the world map. Conquering a region is done by controlling most of the outposts within that region.

The new Faction Warfare system in Albion Online

Personal thoughts

It’s been less than a month since the Call of Arms update came out and the new Faction Warfare system was put into action, so I can’t say for sure, but I feel like it has a lot of potential. I have spoken to a couple of players ranging from beginners to seasoned veterans, and the general reaction I’ve heard is positive, especially from the beginners, since they were never brave enough to risk their hard won gear before. Now they get to enjoy this part of the game without worrying.

Of course, there is some room from improvement, but the Albion Online developer team tends to keep a watchful eye on players’ opinions, so I’m sure they’ll keep improving it until they reach perfection, or something pretty close to it.

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