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New World Expedition Mutators guide

New World adds a new end game feature: Expedition Mutators. These modifiers increase the difficulty levels of Expeditions for level 60 characters. They change the behavior of enemies and increase their health and damage. Here is a complete guide on New World’s Expedition Mutators.

What are Expedition Mutators

Mutators increase the abilities of all enemies within an Expedition. Each week, a new combination of Expeditions and Mutations comes into effect. These Expedition Mutators span over 10 difficulty levels.

The higher the level of Mutation, the harder the fights. Mutated Expeditions feature a recommended Gear Score that impacts the enemy scaling. And don’t count on your over-geared friend to guide you through Expedition Mutators. The combat scaling is individual per player, no matter the difficulty level.

At the end of a Mutated Expedition, players receive a score based on their team’s performance. There are various Bonus and Malus multipliers, leading to a score ranked as Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Several factors impact the score:

  • Total time to complete the Mutated Expedition, the faster the better.
  • Enemies killed during the Expedition.
  • Total number of team wipes and respawns.

If you are familiar with World of Warcraft, you will find that Expedition Mutators are somewhat similar to Mythic+ dungeons.

The various levels of difficulty

Expedition Mutators come with 10 levels of difficulty, each being harder than the one before.

New World Expedition Mutators
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Difficulty 1 and 2 add a single Elemental Mutation to the normal difficulty of an Expedition. Enemies can be more resistant to an Element, deal more damage or empower nearby allies. The Promotion and Curse Mutations are not active in this first tier.

Difficulty 3 to 5 get a little harder. It upgrades the Elemental Mutation to Tier 2 and adds a Promotion Mutation. The enemies are more powerful and all players need to pay attention to the fights.

Things get really serious with Difficulty 6 to 8. This bracket adds Curse Mutations, which periodically deal damage to your entire group. It can also allow enemies to get health back or cast shields to protect themselves from incoming damage.

The highest tier of Expedition Mutators spans from Difficulty 9 to 10. Three Mutations come now into effect. They empower enemies even further and decrease your odds of survival with various debuffs.

Greater risk, better reward

Mutations bring additional difficulty levels to the game and grant better rewards than normal Expeditions. Players can now upgrade their equipment from Gear Score 590 to 625 by spending Umbral Shards. The only condition to upgrade a piece of gear is to hit 600 Expertise for that item type.

There are three ways to get Umbral Shards:

  • Completing Expedition Mutators, with higher levels granting more Umbral Shards.
  • Opening Gypsum casts.
  • Crafting items with a Gear Score of 600.

How to enter a Mutated Expedition

Players need two items to enter a Mutated Expedition. First, a Codex granting access to all Mutated Expedition in Aeternum. And for each Expedition, a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb.

To get access to a Mutated Expedition, you first need to complete that Expedition on regular difficulty. Once completed, all players will loot a Codex. This item is required to run Mutated versions of Expeditions. Everyone also gets a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb for that specific Expedition.

Players can craft one Mutator Orb per week with Stonecutting. Two additional Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb are also available each week from the Faction Shop.

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