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Ghost Hunting Bible

Phasmophobia is one of the major surprise hits of 2020, bringing a fresh take to the cooperative horror genre. Phasmophobia sends up to 4 players to a location in an effort to identify the Ghost haunting the grounds. Players are next to defenseless, and are only armed with their ghost hunting equipment to decipher spectral evidence. 

Still in its early access infancy, Phasmophobia is currently in the process of rolling out new maps and fixing minor bugs. The guide below contains a complete list of all the Phasmophobia  gameplay resources we’ve gathered so far, covering everything you need to know about the game in its current state.


Understanding how to identify and collect evidence is the foundation of ghost hunting in Phasmophobia. It’s impossible to identify the Ghost without finding at least two pieces of evidence every game. Pieces of evidence cannot be mistaken for each other, so these clear cut guides should brief players on the intricacies of evidence from Ghost Writing to Ghost Orbs. 

Each Phasmophobia gameplay guide dissects individual pieces of evidence, but we also have an overarching set of tips that could help you identify the Ghost. Also be sure to check out the most important things to do at the beginning of every game.


The player is just a guest while the Ghost is the star of the show. It’s up to the Ghost to decide whether it wants you to figure out who they are, and if they’re willing to bite on the player’s constant taunting. Here are some resources on how to play a safe game, how to anger the Ghost into showing itself, and how to manage your Sanity.


You need to spend money to make money. We check out the best ways to make money in Phasmophobia and how to properly use your Photo Camera for some extra dollars. At the end of the day, you’re risking your life for a couple hundred bucks.

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