Phasmophobia survival guide – how to avoid death by ghost

*Checks watch* It's Hunt O'Clock

Phasmophobia is defined as the fear of ghosts. If you weren’t scared of ghosts, this game will change your mind. Phasmophobia is the new spooky game in which you play as a ghost hunter, looking to collect evidence of spectral activity. This 4-player co-op game oozes atmospheric horror, with an unpredictable homicidal apparition that chases you around.

If you’re reading this before playing, I don’t blame you. Having the ghost in Phasmophobia killing you is a jarring experience. It’ll spawn in the room under certain conditions (check the ghost hunter journal to know what they are), and if your Sanity is low enough, you’ll be the right target for the ghost to kill. It tunnel-visions on you, and all you’ll see as it chases you around is the occasional spectral flashes. If it gets its hands on you, you’ll die a painful death and insurance will cover the post-game charges.

Let’s not let that happen. We will lay out some tips for you to avoid painful sudden death in Phasmophobia.


Hiding is the oldest form of death-prevention, and it works in Phasmophobia. Lockers and closets are your safe space. Remember, the ghost can hear you, so don’t make a noise. Make sure to turn off your flashlight, too.

If you find yourself in a chase, don’t worry and just book it to a good hiding spot. The Phasmophobia ghost AI is pretty dim. It could be chasing you relentlessly, and the moment you run into a closet, turn off the lights, and shut your mouth, it will leave you alone.

Ghost phasmophobia old woman

Add a little salt to taste

Salt is your friend. It won’t ward away the ghosts of Phasmophobia from killing you and your friends, but it’ll tell you where they will and won’t walk. Think of this as a way to either hone in on a haunted room, or to figure out the safe places to hide.

If a salt pile hasn’t been disturbed for most of the game, that would be a safe room for you to run and hide in. If it’s a busy haunted ghost room, throw a Crucifix to settle the spirit down, preventing one or more Hunting Phases.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia delay the Hunting Phase. Consider them a quick Band-Aid for the inevitable. The trick with these is to purchase a Smudge Stick and a lighter in the store. As soon as you see the lights flickering or a ghost appearing – or if you already know where the haunted room is – light it up and huck it on the floor. It can buy you some time to go hide until the Hunting Phase is over.

dying in phasmophobia animation

Just leave

If you’re a new player, the optional objectives are deceiving. They leave tasks for completionists to do on every level. Sure, get those done if you can, but don’t risk your life for it. If you can, you should identify the ghost and maybe snap a few pictures and find some bones, and then leave the level altogether. If you die, you’re not getting your equipment back and most of the money you earned. The best defense against death is to just leave.

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