Pokemon Legends Arceus tips and tricks to complete the Pokedex quickly

In Pokemon Legends Arceus completing the Pokedex is much different than other games in the franchise. In order to complete a Pokedex entry you must get research level 10 for that Pokemon. To get research levels you have to complete unique tasks, which you can check by looking at a Pokemon’s second page in the Pokedex. To help you out here are my personal tips for 100% completing the Pokedex in Pokemon Legends Arceus.    

Choose your missions carefully 

When you look at all the missions you have for a Pokemon, you will notice some have red arrows next to them. These indicate that you will get double research for completing these missions. So if you focus on doing the tasks with red arrows, you can reach level 10 research by completing 5 missions. This will make completing Pokedex entries a lot faster.  

However, you may find some of these missions to be tough to complete. For example, one of Tentacool’s missions is to catch it without being spotted. This is incredibly difficult to do in the water. So it will probably take you less time to complete the missions that reward fewer points – such as seeing it use Bubble – or defeating it with Electric-type moves.


Check missions before catching Pokemon 

There are various missions for every Pokemon type such as seeing them use specific moves, defeating them in battle, or capturing them. However some Pokemon have missions that you cannot complete by having the Pokemon in your possession. For example, feeding a Pokemon can only be done while it is in the wild. Which is why it is always important to double check the missions you have for a Pokemon before capturing, or defeating it.  

It would be unfortunate for you to be going back through your Pokedex at a later time, just to find out the only way you can finish a Pokemon’s research is by feeding it, or some other simple task. It would mean you have to figure out where you found the Pokemon in the first place, and in many cases these Pokemon can be rare spawns. It is much better to complete research the second you have your sights on a Pokemon.    

This advice is especially important for baby Pokemon like Happiny, Munchlax, and Cleffa, although some big Pokemon like Chansey have the mission to feed them as well. In a lot of these cases feeding the Pokemon is also the mission that awards double research. Feeding Pokemon is an easy mission to complete. Just remember that you can only feed each Pokemon five times and afterward no additional progress will be rewarded, so you will have to find a different Pokemon to feed. 


One thing you do not want to happen is to see a Cleffa and catch it, only to find out later on that you cannot get research level 10 unless you feed it five times, or catch a bunch of them. Then you would have to go back to the area where Cleffa spawns, and spend extra time completing research for it.

Have versatile Pokemon 

When completing the Pokedex you must have a versatile team ready for the occasion. There are many research missions that require knocking out Pokemon with a specific type of move such as grass, fire, water, and so on. If you have a team of Pokemon that have moves of all types then these missions will be easy to do. After all you do not want to be out battling Pokemon, just to find out you do not have the one move type required to complete an entry. 

But how can you make sure to have access to all these moves? Well, unlike in previous Pokemon games you can change the moves of your Pokemon at any time, and it is all free. You do not need any Heart Scales or special items to change your Pokemon’s moves. Even so, most Pokemon seem to have limited typing in their movesets. The answer to fixing this is in Jubilife Village in the Training Grounds.  

At the Training Grounds you can find Zisu. If you talk to him, he can give you a list of moves that your Pokemon can learn. This is the best way to get a variety of moves for your Pokemon. Of course some Pokemon still have a bigger movepool than others, and you also want to keep in mind your Pokemon’s stats. You will want to make sure to have a strong physical and special attacker so they have enough power to defeat wild Pokemon.


The move types you need to cover are fire, ground, fighting, electric, grass, water, rock, flying, ice, psychic, ghost, dark, steel, poison, bug, dragon, and fairy. So just go through your team and make sure that you can use at least one of those moves, and you will be prepared for any situation.  

I would suggest using some of the following Pokemon that have versatile move pools: Gallade, Lucario, Clefable, Rhyperior, Snorlax, Gengar, Ambipom, Ursaluna, Togekiss, Gyrados, Goodra, and Garchomp. These are a few examples to get you started. If you would rather use other Pokemon, then just make sure you can cover all the move types required for Research.

Do Space-Time Distortions  

Space-Time Distortions are an essential part of completing the Pokedex because they can spawn Pokemon you cannot find anywhere else. Some Pokemon only found in rifts are Shieldon, Cranidos, Magneton, and the starter Pokemon. Be aware that the starter Pokemon do not show up until you beat the main story.   

Space-Time Distortions can also make completing the Pokedex easier because rare Pokemon spawn inside them as well. For example, you can find all the Eevee evolutions such as well as Pokemon that need unique items to evolve such as Dusknoir and Magmortar. This means you would not have to spend extra time raising an Eevee’s friendship to evolve it, or search for evolution items.   

There are also a lot of unique items in Space-Time Distortions as well. You can find all the blue star pieces, Stardust, Nuggets, and various shards to sell for money. But more importantly you can find items required for evolution. All the evolution stones can spawn here, as well as the Linking Cord, Upgrade, Dubious Disk, Electirizer, Protector, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, Reaper Cloth, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, and Black Augurite. The special thing about these items is that you can use them to evolve your Pokemon.


For any item that you normally had to trade the Pokemon to get it to evolve, you can instead just use that item on the Pokemon to evolve it. For example, in previous games you could only evolve Magmar by trading it with the Magmarizer. There is also a new item called the Linking Cable that will evolve any Pokemon that could only be evolved by trading in previous games, such as Haunter. This makes Pokemon Legends Arceus the first game where you can complete the Pokedex without having to trade.   

However, each zone’s Space-Time Distortion has different spawn tables. So you cannot stay in one area and catch all the Pokemon you need. You can see the spawn tables for Space-Time Distortions in each zone on this table created by community resource Serebii.   

There are my tips for completing the Pokedex in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Good luck on your journey and stay tuned for more Pokemon Legends Arceus guides!

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