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Rainbow Six Siege – Operator Grim ability rundown

Grim is the newest operator announced for Rainbow Six Siege, bringing with him the Kawan Hive Launcher – like bees, but more tactical.

The Kawan Hive Launcher acts like a tactical Razorbloom Shell that reveals your location to enemies. The hives can be fired almost anywhere and track the location of any enemy that gets too close. Use this to create map pressure or flush out any operators that may be hiding away.

The Kawan Hive Launcher can fire a canister on any surface. These “hives” will release a swarm of nanobots that seek out any enemies. These hives open up many new possibilities for attackers. Use the destructibility of the map to your advantage and break the ceilings or floors around a site, once opened – fire a hive inside to reveal any Defenders that may be lurking. The hives operate in a manner similar to Jackal’s scan. Any enemy caught by the swarm will have their location revealed three times, at regular intervals – which will make it difficult to hide away.

Rainbow Six Siege Grim loadout
Image by Ubisoft

Grim and his Kawan Hive Launcher should open up many new possibilities and counters on the battlefield. Of course, you could just rush out in the direction the hive was fired from… It may not end well for you though.

Grim and Operation: Brutal Swarm release in Rainbow Six Siege on Sept. 6, 2022

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