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Rainbow Six Siege operator Osa ability rundown

Imagine if Mira swapped to offense.

Osa is the newest operator announced for Rainbow Six Siege, bringing with her the Talon-8 transparent tactical shield.

Similar to the deployable shield, the Talon-8 serves as a bulletproof defensive obstacle – it’s also taller! While it will keep you covered from gunfire, it’ll also allow both sides to see through and act accordingly. Talon-8’s are deployable anywhere a regular shield can go, and can also be used in windows and while rappelling. Use this to create map pressure by shielding your allies and keeping an eye on defenders.

The Talon-8 can create, obstruct, and threaten angles to keep operators safe – until they decide to go on the offensive. The Talon-8 opens up a world of potential. Deploy the shield in a window to pressure enemies out of a site, then shatter it with a melee to obstruct the sightline. It features a mechanism similar to those on Mira windows, with a breakable canister on the bottom to destroy the shield. If you hear hissing, back away from the shield.

Rainbow 6 Siege Osa loadout guide operator
Image by Ubisoft

Osa and her Talon-8 are an exciting addition to Siege’s roster and should open up many possibilities on the battlefield. Of course, at the end of the day you could just walk in holding up the shield and drawing fire, that could work too…

Osa and Operation: Crystal Guard release in Rainbow Six Siege on Sept. 6

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