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Royal Chase scout rifle review and best perks | Destiny 2

Royal Chase is a new scout rifle added to Destiny 2. Being a Precision Frame scout rifle, it fires at 180 RPM. It also deals void damage and resides in the energy slot. Here are the best perks and rolls you should look for on the Royal Chase in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

When using high fire rate scout rifles, look for barrel perks that optimize stability and range. Some of your best options are Fluted Barrel, Polygonal Rifling or Smallbore. For magazine perks look for Tactical Mag, Flared Magwell or Accurized Rounds.

Royal Chase only has one reload boosting perk in the first column, Field Prep. This requires you to be crouched to receive a buff to reload and handling. It also increase the amount of ammo you can carry for the weapon. Full Auto Trigger System is a good pickup to reduce amount of times you have to pull the trigger. No Distractions is a solid perk for PvP.

Multikill Clip is the only damage boosting perk on Royal Chase. It can stack up to 3 times and is great against rank and file enemies. Thresh works well on primary weapons and can reduce the time your super is down. Dragonfly can be great for AOE damage, but requires precision final blows.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for with Royal Chase in Destiny 2:

  • Full Auto Trigger System + Multikill Clip – This combo is great for clearing lower tier enemies, and makes a solid gun to be used in most situations.
  • Field Prep + Thresh – Thresh is a great perk for super recharge, and it reduces your neutral game time. Field Prep helps with reload time and increases ammo capacity.


Scout rifles are in desperate need of buffs. They get outclassed by most guns in PvP, especially in the medium range category. However, Royal Chase excels in PvE situations like Strikes and Patrols. It is great for neutral game, and when used in conjunction with Thresh you can get your super up faster.

Royal Chase can be farmed through Wrathborn Hunts and by turning in Recon Data to the Crow.

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