Should you play CS:GO Danger Zone in 2022?

OK, I know this article might seem odd, considering the last time I wrote about CS:GO, it was a whole thing on why I stopped playing at all. And while that remains true, it never hurts to explore the game’s less popular modes, which is why today I will give my honest answer to the intriguing question of whether CS:GO Danger Zone is worth playing at all in 2022.

Battle royale modes are a polarizing subject, so we’ll explore some of the pros and cons so we can make an educated decision, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide for yourself.

The CS:GO essence is there

If you have always been a fan of CS:GO, then you might give the Danger Zone game mode at least a try. Danger Zone features all the weapons from the regular bomb mode, as well as the same systems, mechanics, gunplay, and movement. So, although it is set to work as a battle royale, all those good things we love about CS:GO are present in Danger Zone. However…

Not the best for beginners

If you have never player Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then I am not sure this mode is the best one to start with. There are many other battle royale games that come with better gameplay, with more diverse arsenals of weapons to use, and with more interactive mechanics. CS:GO Danger Zone is fun in its own right, but it doesn’t quite have the depth or the variety of content that dedicated BR titles usually have.

Small scale battle royale

This next aspect can be considered a pro or a con, depending on your own preferences. If you enjoy playing games with fewer players, then Danger Zone is perfect for you, as each round holds only 18 players, which is quite small for a battle royale. It should be noted that the maps are also smaller, so it doesn’t quite feel like a more solitary experience – just shorter. Danger Zone matches are also fairly quick, running under ten minutes on average due to the smaller playspace and fewer opponents.

Personally, I prefer a more chaotic experience, so I’d say that in this specific scenario, Danger Zone is not my first option.

Not recommended with friends

Danger Zone allows you to play solo, with a friend, or as a trio. As someone who tends to play with three other friends, I find Danger Zone less than perfect since someone in my group is usually left out, which is not exactly nice. Most other shooter games and battle royales have the option to run teams of four, so that is something that would get me to choose another game over Danger Zone.


So, should you play CS:GO Danger zone in 2022? If you are a CS:GO player who wants a change of pace and experience something a little different, then yes, it is worth giving it a shot.

However, if you are specifically looking for a fun battle royale experience, then, in my opinion, this is not the game you should be focusing on. You might want to give CoD: Warzone or even Escape from Tarkov a chance instead.

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