Steam Deck controls layout and input device features

Valve has finally unveiled their latest hardware project: the Steam Deck, a handheld device to play your Steam games on.  Here is the complete guide to the controls on the Steam Deck.

Thumbsticks & trackpads

The Steam Deck feature both thumbsticks and trackpads. It seems that players can opt to play in either mode depending on the game. Their placement on both sides of the device will allow for ambidextrous play.

The trackpads on the Steam Deck are 32.5mm squares with haptic feedback. Valve has said that the Steam Deck has 55% better latency compared to Steam Controller.

Grip buttons

The Steam Deck features 4 grip buttons along the back. These buttons will be assignable, meaning players can optimize and adjust the controls on their Steam Deck. Hopefully this same mapping is possible with the other controls on the Steam Deck.

Button layout

In a similar fashion to other handhelds, the left side has a D-Pad while the right side has the ABXY button layout. The button layout is identical to that of an Xbox controller, with Y being at 12 o’clock and A being at 6 o’clock. The X resides on the left while the B resides on the right.

controls Steam Deck

The power button and the volume buttons can be found along the top. Both sets of triggers are also found up here. The View and Menu buttons can also be found near the top of the Steam Deck.

Peripheral support

Peripherals will be supported with the Steam Deck. Users will be able to connect keyboard and mouse, headsets and speakers, and external screens; console and third party controllers will almost certainly also be supported. Essentially, most things that connect via USB or Bluetooth will be supported on the Steam Deck.

Note, that although Bluetooth connectivity is supported out of the box, to use any wired peripherals you will need to use a powered USB-C hub, or purchase the Steam Deck docking station.

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