The 5 best items to use in each Hitman 3 mission

As you make your way through Hitman 3’s progression system, you’ll begin unlocking new and exciting tools. Some items will help you overcome obstacles on the map, while some unlockables are brand new weapons. We’ve compiled a list of the best items to bring with you to each Hitman 3 mission.

Coins (Default tool)

No matter the level you are embarking on, always bring along some coins. Sure, they can be found hidden throughout many of the maps, but it’s always worth starting with some of your own.

Coins are the best tool to use to distract an NPC. Simply throw them away from a door that’s being guarded and walk by as the NPC goes to recover the coin. Additionally, NPCs can be lured to locations with coins as well. Throw one down an alleyway or behind a car. When they are least expecting it, silently take them down.

As you can imagine, they can also be used on vending machines. Toss a coin into a vending machine and out comes a soda can. You’re essentially trading one distraction tool for another, but it’s a good way to quench your thirst while on the job.

Lockpick Mk. II – (Reach overall Mastery Level 2)

This lockpick is an essential tool when you want to quickly and quietly bypass locked doors. Locked doors in Hitman 3 can be opened using items regularly available on the maps, but they are not the best because they cause a commotion and draw suspicion to you.

The Lockpick Mk. II is vital to keep a low profile and get into inaccessible areas. If you’re set on bringing coins with you, you’ll have to forfeit another piece of gear. Though, in my honest opinion, it’s well worth it. Having access to additional rooms without breaking the lock is key, especially when attempting silent runs.

Unfortunately, the Lockpick Mk. II can’t be used on electronic keypads that require keycards.

Kalmer 2 – Tranquilizer (Reach overall Mastery Level 5)

If you’re attempting a passive run without killing any non-target NPCs, you may want to consider the Kalmer 2 tranquillizer gun. It’ll replace your Silverballer or another firearm, however.

The Kalmer 2 can be shot at a target and will sedate them in quick fashion. Using this, you can avoid drawing attention when throwing an object at a guard. There’s only a finite amount of ammo available so make your shot count. It’s also a great tool to use when your target is out of reach and you need to sneak by. A quick tranq and they’ll be out like a light.

Custom 5mm DTI (Reach level 7 Mastery in Berlin)

While you can most certainly jump into any map with Agent 47’s trust Silverballer silenced pistol, consider the Custom 5mm DTI. It’s another silenced handgun but it has a considerable perk that offsets its one and only flaw.

The Silverballer pistol is a balanced gun that will keep your positioning hidden. However, you won’t be able to ever bring it past guards who demand to frisk you. This is where the Custom 5mm DTI shines. It’s compact enough that you won’t have to abandon it. The only downside is that it can’t be reloaded and it has a small amount of ammo.

If you’re confident in your shots and don’t anticipate turning your next run into John Wick 4, the Custom 5mm DTI will prove to be a worthy sidearm.

ICA Pen Syringe Emetic (Reach level 5 Mastery in Chongqing)

Poison is a sure-fire way of getting a target or NPC to run straight for the bathroom. While rat poison found on the map can be used on food and drinks, it’s sometimes finicky. A target’s loop can sometimes be strenuous. This is why the ICA Pen Syringe is one of the best items in Hitman 3.

The pen can be applied directly to a target. Afterwards, they’ll instantly feel the effects, get sick and stumble towards the nearest bathroom. You can then subdue the target or assassinate them to complete a contract.

The emetic version is a non-lethal poison. There is also a lethal version that will kill the target instantly, if that’s more your style.

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