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The 5 best poisons in The Elder Scrolls Online

Some Elder Scrolls players are afraid to venture into the Alchemy world and explore everything it has to offer. Their loss, really. I mean, potions and poisons in The Elder Scrolls Online can be very helpful, as they add quite a lot to the utility of players’ builds and are quite useful for both PvE and PvP.

But when you talk about poisons and the best poisons in The Elder Scrolls Online, which ones come to mind? To me, it’s a very specific list, which I will be sharing with you guys.

Number 5 – Damage Health Poisons

Alright, alright, I get this is a very common and somewhat cliche option, but the truth is they work quite nicely. They cause Ravage Health and Gradual Ravage Health poisoning. These two inflict 1607 poison damage per second for 3.5 seconds to your opponent.

And the best part is that they’re made with very simple and easy to find ingredients. In fact, you can make them one of two ways:

  • Nirnroot, Fleshy Larva and Nightshade;
  • Cornflower, Fleshy Larva and Nightshade.

Number 4 – Damage Magicka Poison

The Damage Magicka Poison is a poison that increases the cost of your opponent’s magicka and stamina abilities by 10% for up to 6.4 seconds.

This sort of poison won’t get you much love from your PvP opponents, but the truth is it’ll be your biggest ally in combat, as it creates a clear advantage for you for a couple of seconds (which can be the difference between life and death).

There are two ways to make a Damage Magicka Poison:

  • Emetic Russula, Scrib Jelly and Luminous Russula;
  • Emetic Russula, White Cap and Luminous Russula.

I like this poison as it gives you an alternative brewing options. When preparing the potion, you can choose between maximum efficiency or maximum resource return rate, to get some of the resources back.

However, I personally only use this latter version when I’m running out of money and need to keep all my resources. This is because the maximum resource return version is naturally weaker, and its spell duration is reduced from 6.4 seconds to 3.5 seconds.

Top 5 Poisons in The Elder Scrolls Online

Number 3 – Brutality Poisons

When it comes to Brutality Poisons, the name pretty much says it all. These poisons inflict Minor Maim to the player’s opponents, whilst the player is granted the Minor Brutality.

Minor Maim causes the opponent’s damage to be reduced by 15%, and Minor Brutality increases the player’s damage by 10% for 5.5 seconds. It’s an OP poison and I use quite a lot, as it’s great for PvP.

The downside to this poison is that the ingredients are hard to come by and are therefore sold at a very high price. We’re talking Stinkhorn, Blessed Thistle and Columbine. I personally try to harvest the ingredients myself whenever possible, and I would advise you to do the same.

To get Columbine, I’d say the best places to look are Auridon or any sort of rolling hill. You might even get lucky to find some in Craglorn. As for Blessed Thistle, you can look for it in any starting area of any faction.

Last but not least, the best place for finding Stinkhorn is Auridon. And if you can’t find any there, look for it in caves and dungeons.

Number 2 – Vulnerability Poisons

The Vulnerability Poison is something quite interesting in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is an incredibly strong poison that causes Minor Vulnerability, Healing Absorption and Minor Heroism.

What are these? Well, Minor Vulnerability causes an increase in damage intake by 8% for 2.4 seconds. The Healing Absorption is all about inflicting 2000 heal absorption to the player’s target, therefore negating the healing they’d normally receive, for up to 3.5 seconds. Last but not least, the Minor Heroism grants the player with 1 Ultimate for 1.5 seconds up to 3.5 seconds.

Once again, the better the poison, the more expensive it is. This poison requires Clam Gall, Dragon’s Blood and Dragon’s Bile. The Clam Gall can be acquired on Giant Clams on the beaches of Summerset Isle. As for the Dragon’s blood and Dragon’s Bile, you’ll definitely have to kill some dragons.

Top 5 Poisons in The Elder Scrolls Online

Number 1 – Escapist Poison

This is it, my number 1 poison in all of The Elder Scrolls’ world. This poison is perfect for PvP, as it immobilizes the player’s enemy. Not only that, but it also grants the player with Unstoppable.

This Unstoppable effect renders the player immune to all control effects for 3.9 seconds and breaks the player free of any ongoing control effects. It has a 10 second cooldown, but when used properly, the cooldown doesn’t really bother the player.

It can be made from:

  • Bugloss, Columbine and Wormwood;
  • Columbine, Namira’s Rot and Wormwood;
  • Blue Entoloma, Columbine and Namira’s Rot;
  • Columbine, Cornflower and Wormwood.

Depending on the combination you make, the effects might vary, but all grant the player with an undeniable advantage in battle.

The poison world of The Elder Scrolls Online is quite fantastic and I’d really advise you to try making poisons of all sorts and then sort out for yourself which ones you like the most. You can either do it by trial and error or do some research on what kinds of poisons can be made from the ingredients you have in your inventory. This latter option might save you some resources.

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