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The 5 best Survivor perks to use in Dead By Daylight custom games

Dead by Daylight custom games are an absolute blast for a group of 5 friends who enjoy taking turns killing each other. These custom games give players the opportunity to choose between any and every perk at full strength. That means that if you didn’t grind through Jake Park’s Bloodweb, you’ll still be offered Unique Survivor perks like Iron Will to use it in your loadout.

While the freedom is great, it can be daunting to have dozens of options thrown at you in a custom game if you’ve never used most of these perks before in Dead by Daylight. Here are the best Survivor perks to use in your next custom game of Dead By Daylight.

Iron Will

For those unfamiliar with Iron Will, this is an amazing Dead by Daylight Survivor perk to have in any loadout. It passively reduces the Grunts of Pain uttered by your Survivor when injured. Iron Will might not be the flashiest perk, but it keeps you safe if the Killer is close to you.

Since Dead by Daylight custom games buff perks to their maximum capabilities, Iron Will reduces Grunts of Pain caused by injuries by 100%. There will be no moaning and groaning coming out of your Survivor. Just make sure to find a Medkit or another Survivor to heal yourself up.

Borrowed Time

Chances are your Killer friends will get frustrated by the Survivors and camp the hooks once they have a victim. If you’re playing against a temperamental Killer, grab Borrowed Time and coordinate rescues with other Survivors. This perk is basically a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

Borrowed Time is a top tier passive Survivor perk. It prevents the hooked Survivor from being put into a Dying State if they get hit immediately after being saved within the Killer’s Terror Radius. In simpler terms, it lets you go save the hooked survivor from a camping Killer without fear of both of you getting downed instantly. If the Killer hits the recently hooked Survivor within 20 seconds, they receive the Deep Wound status effect, and have until that timer runs out to fix themselves before they get put in a Dying State. You’ll be known as a hero!

Spine Chill

Spine Chill is a great custom game Survivor perk if you’re not experienced in Dead by Daylight and need help spotting the Killer. Going along the theme of passive Survivor perks, Spine Chill will activate and notify you if a Killer within 36 meters is looking in your direction. While Spine Chill is active, skill checks are 10% more frequent and have their success zones reduced by 10%. While that isn’t inherently helpful, Spine Chill speeds up your ability to repair, heal, sabotage, unhook, vault, cleanse, opening the exit gate, and unlocking chests by 6%.

If you aren’t willing to risk your life to squeeze every bit of progress out of a generator, take advantage of the notice Spine Chill gives you to hide. It can ensure your safety and let you live that much longer. It’s also perfect to use against stealthy killers like Michael Myers, Pig, Ghost Face, and Wraith. Definitely a great Survivor perk to cause headaches for Killers in any Dead by Daylight custom game.

dead by daylight custom game survivor perks
Honestly, these are also amazing Survivor perks to use in regular matchmaking.

Dead Hard

This is easily in the Top 2 of Survivor exhaustion perks in Dead by Daylight. Dead Hard is an activatable Survivor perk that gives players a small dash to avoid a Killer’s attack. If used right, Dead Hard can save you from a hook by creating enough space between you and the Killer. Dead Hard’s only catch is that it’s only available if you’re injured, and can only be used once until the Exhaustion meter runs out.

Dead Hard is versatile for any looping situation, whether you’re running away after being saved from a hook, or just trying to buy time for Survivors to finish generators. This perk is perfect for making Killers feel stupid, especially those who don’t play Killer often.


Deception is one of the newer Survivor perks, but it can definitely dupe a Killer into wasting a lot of time if successful. This perk allows Survivors to sprint past a locker and fake a loud noise, giving the Killer the impression that the Survivor is hiding inside the locker. Once Deception is used, Survivors won’t leave scratch marks for 3 seconds, so you can run away as the Killer checks lockers trying to find you. This is not an exhaustion perk either, so feel free to use this with Dead Hard, Sprint Burst, or Lithe.

It’s smart to play your hand every once and awhile, using it as a Killer is chasing you. This will create some doubt for the Killer, and they’ll question whether it’s worth their time looking for you. Don’t use it frequently, and never actually hide in a locker because the Killer might stop taking the bait. Really pick and choose your spots in your next Dead by Daylight custom game to use the Deception perk.

These Survivor perks are all great to start your loadout for your Dead by Daylight custom games. You can definitely use all of these in one loadout, or mix and match with other perks not mentioned here to suit your playstyle. The only thing that cannot be stressed enough is that you shouldn’t have more than one exhaustion perk – Dead Hard, Lithe, Sprint Burst, and so on – in a loadout, because you won’t get full use of your four perk slots.

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