The 6 best beginner items to use in Valheim

Valheim rewards the curious. With every new loot pickup a player gets, they’re rewarded with craftable recipes for building weapons, building materials, food, and decor. Hugin the Raven does his best to fill in the gaps with tutorial snippets early on, but it’s not always clear on what you should gear yourself up with. We check out the best beginner items to get you started in Valheim.


This is a layup as far as best beginner items in Valheim go. The hammer is the foundational tool for building anything. You’ll only ever need one hammer, and it does not require a workbench to build. While we don’t recommend it for combat, you can use the hammer as a weapon if you’re desperate. Make sure to always have one equipped.

Flint Weapons

Skip the club and stone axe, and go right for flint weapons. Flint can be found on the shoreline, looking like smooth white-ish rocks. Flint weapons are available right away if you find enough flint, so there’s no reason to not craft the best early game weapons available. These flint items will make your battle with Eikthyr significantly easier.

Crude Bow

With meat being the most filling food early in Valheim, you will need a Crude Bow to make it easier to hunt deer and boars. A successful hunt could leave you thriving with enough meat, leather scraps, and deer hide to last you days. The Crude Bow is also fantastic for taking on Eikthyr and the trolls at the beginner levels.


Get yourself out of those rags, and put on some proper armor. Leather is a good place to start, and you will slowly work your way up from there. You’ll also look significantly more respectable if you’re sporting a proper pair of pants and a cool cape.

valheim beginner items

Wood Shield

Aim to build a Wood Shield as soon as it’s convenient, because it’s one of the best Valheim beginner items. Blocking is essential for survival in Valheim. Nearly everything can kill you, and it’s easy to get surrounded by hordes of frightened boars and angry Greydwarfs. Instead of trying to hack and slash your way through half a dozen enemies, take the time to block and potentially parry attacks. Blocks mitigate most early game damage, so your chance to survive is way higher if you have a shield.


The beehive is the only building entry on this list. New Valheim players will quickly understand the importance of food, and the Beehive is one of the best passive ways to collect food. While it’s best to save your honey for cauldron recipes, sometimes you get desperate wandering the Black Forest with an empty stomach, and have to eat something – anything. Honey weighs very little and gives players 20 HP, and Stamina for 300 seconds. 

Find a Queen Bee at an abandoned house anywhere in Valheim. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the bee’s nest so you’re not taking unnecessary damage from it. A couple well placed shots at the nest will destroy it and give you a Queen Bee to start your very own Beehive.

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