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The 8 worst Dead by Daylight perks you should never use

Dead by Daylight is flooded with perks. It can be tough picking a loadout when you have 86 different perks to sift through. And while there are plenty of amazing perks in Dead by Daylight, there are also some options that are just the absolute worst for any situation. We decided to sift through the garbage so you don’t have to. Here are the worst perks in Dead by Daylight!

No Mither

Dead by Daylight should nerf No Mither so that when somebody uses it and gets hit, they instantly die. The perk is a meme and has no worth. No Mither is among the worst Dead by Daylight perks for willfully leaving your Survivor in an injured state throughout the whole match. Fully recovering from a Dying State doesn’t make No Mither viable no matter how YouTubers like Ussylis seem to spin it. Please don’t use it.

no mither dead by daylight


Tenacity would be useful if it was an IRL perk for newborn babies crawling and bumping into stuff. Outside of real life, Tenacity is awful unless stacked with perks like Unbreakable or Flip Flop. Tenacity is 100% among the worst perks in Dead by Daylight, and there’s no argument.

tenacity dead by daylight


Scratch Marks perks are sus as is, but Poised takes the cake. The idea behind Poised is that you won’t leave Scratch Marks behind after completing a Generator. Once you complete a Generator, it’ll alert the Killer of the rough area anyways, so chances are they’ll find you. Poised is a waste of a perk slot and you’re better off using something else.

poised perk dead by daylight


The difference between extending the aura reading range by a few meters is barely noticeable. Your team will not be happy you wasted a perk slot on Open-Handed.

open handed perk

Up The Ante

Another Ace Visconti perk, shocking… 

What does luck in Dead by Daylight even do anyways? Increasing your luck by a single digit amount won’t get yourself off that hook.

up the ante dead by daylight

Quentin Smith’s Unique Survivor perks

That’s right, all on Quentin Smith’s unique Survivor perks are on the list of worst perks in Dead by Daylight. Wake Up lets you see Exit Gates assuming you even make it that far (if you’re using that perk, you probably won’t make it). I wouldn’t be so hard on Wake Up if it showed the Escape Hatch, but it doesn’t. His second unique perk, Pharmacy, lets you find First Aid Kits in chests.  Good, except rummaging through chests is a waste of time for the most part.

Finally, Vigil lets players recover from painfully specific debilitating conditions a tiny bit faster as long as they have the perk, or have been within range of someone who does in the last 15 seconds. This perk wants players to stick close to each other, but bunching up is not the optimal way to work as a team in Dead by Daylight. Dunking on Quentin Smith for sucking is too easy when he’s already dunking on himself with these perks.

quentin smith perks

There are 86 perks in Dead by Daylight, many of which are hopelessly specific or counter-intuitive, and these eight are just the tip of the iceberg. If you feel strongly about another bad perk, drop a comment!

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