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The best endgame builds for The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the deeper MMORPGs out there, and one that gives its players a lot of weapons and build choices. But which are the best endgame builds for Elder Scrolls Online? Let’s find out.

Some of The Elder Scrolls Online’s endgame builds are incredibly expensive or hard to get, so in this article, I am going to share the best affordable builds for all types of players. And don’t get me wrong, just because they are easy to acquire, it doesn’t mean in any way that they lack power.

Best endgame Healer build

I am a perpetual Healer type of person. I know Healers aren’t the first option for many players, but I personally love playing as a Healer, especially since I never have a hard time finding a party for special events. But that’s not why we’re going to discuss here. So let’s get right to what matters: the build.

Best endgame builds for Elder Scrolls Online

Apart from the helmet, the entire build is Light, which makes your life easier as a Healer. Plus, the entire build’s enchantments are made to increase and restore your Magicka, to ensure you don’t run out of juice in the middle of battle. Most items can be crafted, which is great, but other parts can be found in easily reachable locations.

Best endgame Magicka DPS build

Playing as a Magicka DPS is quite fun, since they do a great deal of damage to enemies. I stick by a light/medium armor, and I definitely think fire weapons are a big yes.

Best endgame builds for Elder Scrolls Online

Most items on this list can be crafted, which is great if you’ve got the skill. If not, you can head to the Guild Trader and make a purchase. It’s not the most expensive gear, but it is definitely a good one, and provides you with a great Magicka advantage.

Best endgame Stamina DPS build

Much like the Magicka DPS’, these Stamina DPS characters deal a lot of damage. But all skills require a certain amount of stamina, so you want to ensure you always have the necessary amount of stamina to keep you going. For that reason, I chose the Selene, Hunding’s Rage and Briarheart mix. I know, not a pretty combo. It doesn’t make for the most eye-pleasing build, but it works quite nicely.

Best endgame builds for Elder Scrolls Online

As for the weapons, I take bow for long-range and axe for short-range, both from the Hunding’s Rage. This seems to be the best mix.

Best endgame Tank build

I confess to never having played as a Tank, but reliable sources – a.k.a. my friends – have shared with me their build preferences for a Tank player. And as it seems, the Bloodspawn/Plague Doctor/Torug’s Pact mix is the best one so far.

Best endgame builds for Elder Scrolls Online

With this build, you will be a well-rounded Tank for your team, absorbing your enemy’s stamina with your main weapon, all the while recovering your own health at a lightning-fast speed.

So there you have it, my ultimate endgame builds for Elder Scrolls Online! These builds are not only strong and reasonably flexible, they are also not hard to get!

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